A Breathtaking anime you would want to watch this weekend

I am a big fan of anime. I explore new animes every week, and this week I have stumbled upon a breathtaking anime. The anime that I am talking about is called Dr. Stone. 

In this article, we will discuss why this anime is for you and why you should give it a chance

Why you should watch Dr. Stone

  1. If you are a science lover, then you will love this show. Dr. Stone is all about rebuilding the entire civilization. Senku is the only one that knows what they had and how they can rebuild it. The anime is just like Minecraft. You discover new resources and make something of them. This anime will pick your interest if you are a science geek. Even if you are not, you might learn something new. The concepts are pretty basic and easily explained
  2.  This show is all about the battle between science and might. Senku wants to rebuild the entire civilization. He wants to accelerate the growth. His mission is to revive everyone who was petrified. On the other side, we have Tsukasa. Tsukasa is the strongest primate. He is good but his ideologies are different. He differentiates between bad and good and wants to only revive the youth and not the old corrupted generation. 
  3. The petrification concept is mysterious and pretty amazing. All of a sudden, Humanity has perished. Senku wakes up after thousands of years and finds himself in a new world and his mission is to rebuild the entire civilization.
  4. The anime is filled with a wide range of characters. We have Chrome, who is also a science lover. Gen is a great character, he can immediate anyone. 
  5. The animation of this anime is pretty solid. 
  6. It is a very short anime. You can binge watch the entire anime in 3-4 days. That’s a plus point for me
  7. The music of this anime is pretty great. It has a chill vibe. 

Where you can watch this anime

You can watch season 1 of this anime on Netflix. I would suggest you watch the subbed version rather than the dub. Season 2 is not available on Netflix. You can watch season 2 on Putlocker for free

How many seasons does Dr. Stone have?

Dr. Stone currently has two seasons. The second season is airing now. I don’t think they will come up with the third season.

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