9 Movies “Not For Everyone” Worth Watching

Movies Not for Everyone Movies

Bab’Aziz, 2005.

Bab’Aziz Trailer

It would be unfair to call Bab’Aziz just a movie, it’s a poem, a philosophical parable. Imagine a desert and two people lost in its loose sands – Ishtar, a cheerful little girl, and her grandfather, Bab Aziz, a blind dervish. Their goal is the great dervish reunion that happens every thirty years. And so they wander through the desert in search of the dervishes, in search of truth and themselves.

The White Ribbon 2009.

The White Ribbon Trailer

Director Michael Haneke originally shot The White Ribbon in color, and then transferred it to black and white. The events in the film unfold on the eve of the First World War . Strange and frightening events begin to occur in one manor, which shows panic and suspicion, The director focuses on the relationships between people, how the family patterns, the physical and psychological violence, the anger between people “The White Ribbon” was awarded the Palme d’Or at Cannes and it is considered one of Haneke’s best films along with “The Pianist” and “Love.”

Milk of Sorrow, 2009.

Milk of Sorrow, 2009. Trailer

“Milk of Sorrow,” a 2009 drama film by Peruvian director Claudia Llosa, won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. Fausta, is the child of violence perpetrated by soldiers on her mother. With her breast milk she absorbed all the grief her mother endured and the fear. This fear over the years makes her unsociable, Fausta is afraid to talk to people around her, She afraids to go out alone in the city, afraid that she might be raped. The turning point for the girl is the death of her mother, who leaves her daughter one “medicine” to cope with grief – singing.

Honey, 2010

Honey, Trailer

Another winner of the Berlin Bear, but this time in 2010. “Honey” is one of three films about the life and formation of the poet Yusuf. And just in this final part, it tells the story of the main character’s childhood as he wanders through the forests in an effort to understand the life of his beekeeper father. The dynamics of the film, like honey, are lingering, there are no empty and verbose dialogues, nor is there any music, all the soundtrack is the sounds of the forest. If you wonder what the life of the main character will be like, check out the other two films in the trilogy, “The Egg” and “Milk.”

Ida, 2013

Ida Trailer

The events of the film take us to Poland in the 1960s. A young girl, Anna, before taking her vows, decides to meet her only living relative, Aunt Wanda. The aunt, who works as a judge and never had any plans to take her niece out of the orphanage, tells Anna about her real origins. It turns out that the girl is the daughter of Jews murdered during the Holocaust. Together, Anna and Wanda decide to find the mass grave of their loved ones. “And who is Ida?” The picture won an Oscar and a 2015 Britannia Award for Best Foreign Language Film, as well as the top prize at the Goya Film Awards.

Child pose, 2013

Child pose Trailer

One spring evening, Barbu is speeding through the streets and hits a child. The boy dies shortly after the accident. Realizing what threatens her son Barbu, his mother, Cornelia, decides to intervene. This is a film about the very stifling hyper- and over-love of a mother for her son, whose life is frozen in one posture, the “child pose.” And what will he choose – to grow up and take full responsibility for what he has done, or once again rely on his mother? The film won two prizes at the Berlin festival, but it didn’t make it to the Oscars and was not included in the short list of nominees.

Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed, 2013

Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed Trailer

The story takes place in Spain during the rule of the dictator Franco. The main character, Antonio, is an English teacher. One day Tony leaves his workplace and goes to Almeria, where John Lennon is supposed to come to shoot a movie. And the teacher has something to say to the idol of millions, and his own in particular. On the way, Antonio meets two hitchhiking companions, a young girl, Belen, and a teenager, Juanjo, who has escaped from his oppressive father. David Trueba’s film is very soulful, after which I want to sing – all you need is love. By the way, at the Goya Film Awards “Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed” won six major prizes, including for acting, directing and, actually, the film itself.

Winter Sleep, 2014.

Winter Sleep Trailer

Nuri Bilge Gelain approached his film thoroughly: a script of almost 300 pages, which took six months to write, 200 hours of material and three hours of film. The events of “Winter Sleep” are set in the Turkish countryside, where a former theater actor, Aydin, runs a small hotel. When snow falls in their region, the hotel becomes cut off from the rest of civilization. And Aydyn is kept company by only two women: his wife and his sister. “Winter Sleep,” a symbiosis of beautiful visuals and thoughtful dialogue, it was the second Turkish film to win the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

Mustang, 2015.

Mustang Trailer

Mustang the favorite film of the Odessa International Film Festival and winner of the Goya and Cesar film awards, tells the story of five teenage sisters in the care of their grandmother and uncle after the death of their parents. Innocent child’s play involving local boys becomes a sign to the orthodox guardians that the young beauties have gone astray. And gradually the house where the girls live turns into a cage, the only way out of is to marry whoever the guardians choose. Denise Ergüven’s “Mustang” is somewhat similar to Sofia Coppola’s drama “Suicide Virgins.” However, the ending of Ergüven’s film differs from the tragic ending of the latter: although not all of them, the sisters manage to escape the fate of the girl brides and escape.

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