9 Good Films That Will Motivate You To Learn Something New

Good Films That Will Motivate You To Learn Something New
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Good Films That Will Motivate You To Learn Something New In Life

Dead Poets Society (1989)

A cult film with an excellent cast from an Academy Award-winning screenplay. The film tells the story of a public school boys where a new literature teacher come. He helps his pupils learn to express their opinion and, above all, to respect themselves and gain confidence.

School ties (1992)

David Green, who couldn’t even dream of getting into America’s most prestigious college but he was lucky and accepted – thanks to his achievements in sports. But the young man has a secret he can’t tell. As fate would have it, this secret is out in the open and yesterday’s friends become enemies. The film is remarkable not only for its plot, but also for the opportunity to watch young Brendan Fraser, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

Dangerous Minds (1995)

Another film on the subject of raising troubled teens starring the charming Michelle Pfeiffer. The film is an adaptation of an autobiographical book by LouAnn Johnson. After serving in the Marines, this “iron lady” came to work at a school for troubled children, where her army service skills were certainly needed.

Mona Lisa smile (2003)

Katherine Ann Watson, a Berkeley graduate, get a teaching job at Wellesley Women’s College. She is ambitious and progressive, but patriarchal attitudes prevail among the college administrators and faculty. With passionate enthusiasm, the new teacher throws herself into the fight for gender equality and has a huge impact on the female students, forcing them to rethink the role of women in this world.

School Of Rock (2003)

What could be without comedy? “School of Rock is a film about a musician who was in a desperate situation (he gets kicked out of his band), poses as a teacher and gets a job at an elite children’s school. Everything was fine, but the main character is a real rocker, so it’s not his style to give monotonous lessons. Here begins the most interesting Part!

Hawking (2004)

A biographical film about the outstanding British scientist Stephen Hawking, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. It will fascinate both physics buffs and those who don’t understand a word of theories. After all, the film is also about a man losing control of his body, but not losing control of his mind, not losing hope and passion for his cause.

Freedom Writers 2007

A young teacher arrives in this monotonous, grey area in which she is trying to impart knowledge to her teenagers. Instead of struggling with her students, she finds a love-hate relationship with delinquents and troublemakers. They may seem incorrigible, but it turns out they just need a little understanding and support.

The Professor’s Beloved Equation 2006

After this film, the viewer gets a second look at maths. The story is about a kind and generous professor who, 10 years ago, was involved in a car accident and afterward has no memory for more than 80 minutes. Two people come into his life his housekeeper and her ten-year-old son Ruth. As time passes, they become aware of the beauty hidden in numbers and are fascinated by the professor’s love of mathematics, and gradually they too begin to explore the fantastical world of numbers and equations.

The Ron Clark Story 2006.

After moving from a small country town to New York City, Ron Clark takes a job in the toughest classroom at an ordinary high school in Harlem. the children are the dregs of society. that’s what everyone around them, the headmaster, their parents, think. But that’s not what Ron thinks. If you miss not only school but also the TV series “Friends“, this film is for you.

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