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On Putlocker we found 9 Best Films About Sexism these movie will not only show how important is gender equality but also shows the role of women’s in the modern world.

Chicago Fire 2012

The action of this series, as you can already guess from the title, takes place in Chicago. Each episode shows how dangerous and unpredictable life is for firefighters and rescuers, the vast majority of whom are men. However, one of the main characters, paramedic Gabriella Dawson, proves that even a woman with a great willingness to learn and stamina can become a firefighter saving other people’s lives.

Yentl, 1983

Set in Eastern Europe at the beginning of the twentieth century. She is an intelligent Jewish girl (Barbra Streisand) who wants to escape her destined feminine lot, marriage, children and household duties by going to university and devoting herself to science, which at the beginning of the century was considered the prerogative of men in Eastern Europe. The film tells the bride to run away from her village and attend a privileged masculine educational institution.

Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

A movie about a woman’s revolutionary struggle for passage of the first amendment to the US Constitution. It is a true story about activist Alice Paul portrayed onscreen by Hilary Swank. For the right to vote for every woman in the United States the girls leading the movement not only risked losing their freedom but also put their lives at great risk.

North Country 2005

1980 After her marriage falls apart, protagonist Josie Ames returns to her hometown in Northern Minnesota in search of work. She needs to feed her two children, she is forced to take a job at a mine where almost all the local men, including her father, work. Finding herself one of the few women working in the mine, Josey not only has to work hard but also face negative attitudes from the men. “North Country” is a film based on true events.

Mona Lisa Smile, 2003

The picture with Julia Roberts we have repeatedly recalled in our film selections. This time too, as the whole plot revolves around women’s rights, the right to make the choice you want for yourself, not the choice society imposes on you. New college teacher Katherine Watson is trying to use her art classes to help her schoolgirls to keep up with the times, she is teaching girls that women should be independent and have higher education.

The Astronaut Wives Club, 2015

The Astronaut Wives Club series is based on a similar theme. 1960 The era of space exploration. All men dreamed of becoming astronauts, and girls dreamed of being their wives. However, everything is not so simple, given that the characters of the heroines are different and not everyone is ready to remain in the shadow of a man. Someone himself dreams of flying into space and doing everything possible for this, and someone sees himself as a talented writer and assistant politician.

Norma Rae, 1979

Norma Rae is a strong and vital 1979 drama. From morning till night the characters of the film work in a textile factory under unbearable conditions and get paid a pittance for it, nobody cares about them, except for a working girl named Norma Rae. It is not easy for her, as she has two children to feed, but she puts up a desperate fight for her rights against the arbitrariness of the factory owners. Actress Sally Field won an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Palme d’Or for her performance.

G.I. Jane (1997)

This list would definitely not be complete without this film. Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil, the heroine of Demi Moore, is brave, strong and ambitious. She is ready to live with a crowd of pumped-up fighters, go through all the trials of elite military training and prove to the opposite sex that women can wear heavy boots instead of elegant shoes, fishnet underwear – body armour, and a leather clutch – a Kalash with a spare magazine.

Suffragette, 2015

Starring Helena Bonham Carter, Carey Mulligan and Meryl Streep, it is set in late 19th century London, the epicenter of the feminist movement at the time. Women from all walks of life take their first steps towards equality, risking not only their social standing but also their lives.

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