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Movies About Determination

We at Putlocker collect awesome and heart touching movies about determination you can watch with your family and with your friends.

Coach Carter, 2005 USA

Coach Carter Trailer

The typical American ghetto does not bode well. There are two paths for guys here – either the morgue or jail. But there are people who want to break that law. And Coach Carter is one of them. Everything is beautifully portrayed in this film: the relationships within the team as on the court, the coach’s role in building team spirit and the personality of each individual player, the passion for basketball. And the monologues of the coach is a separate instruction, which everyone can adapt in their lives. By the way, the film is based on a true story that took place in 1999 in Richmond, Calif.

Peaceful Warrior, 2006.

Peaceful Warrior, 2006 Trailer

Germany, USA

Based on Dan Millman’s autobiographical book, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, this film tells the story of a talented but arrogant gymnast who dreams of the Olympics. A terrible accident nearly put an end to his career and his dream. You could say that “Peaceful Warrior” is a film-parable, it teaches everyone something different, the main thing is to understand what it teaches you.

Soul Surfer, 2011

Soul Surfer, 2011 Trailer


Soul Surfer could be categorized as a film for young adults – an extremely simple, unpretentious and unpretentious story. “Soul Surfer” is a biopic about the life of surfer Bethany Hamilton, who at 13 lost her arm in a shark attack; about a girl who after a terrible psychological and physical trauma tries to find the strength to return to the sport that was and still is the meaning of her life. And believe me, she will succeed.

United, 2011

United, 2011 Trailer

Great Britain

In 1958, the world was shaken by terrible news: a plane crash in Germany killed members of the legendary Manchester United soccer team. They were predicted a fantastic future, but the plane crash at Munich airport crossed the line. Director James Strong doesn’t document all the details of the disaster itself, but tells the story of how the now great soccer club was reborn. “United. The Munich Tragedy” is not just a film about soccer, it is a film about a spirit that cannot be broken.

Chasing Mavericks, 2012

Chasing Mavericks, 2012 Trailer


A sports drama about a surfer kid with a dream, who wasn’t afraid to go all the way and became a legend. All he can dream of is riding the highest wave. Of course, he can’t do without an experienced mentor. In him he sees his best friend and father. The story is a biopic about the famous athlete Jay Moriarty.

Jappeloup 2013.

Jappeloup 2013. Trailer

France, Canada

The film is based on the true story of Pierre Durand and his horse. After Pierre decides to change his career as a lawyer to devote himself into sports, he runs into incomprehension. No one believed he would do something in sports, since his horse, Jappeloup was so short and unrestrained.

Rush (2013 film)

Race 2013 Trailer

UK, Germany, USA

Based on true events, set over a period of six years. James Hunt and Niki Lauda, two young drivers from the minor leagues, meet for the first time on the track. From this moment, they live their lives by getting behind their race cars to overtake each other, and in the end, to reach the topmost step of the podium of Formula 1 winners, and pour champagne with a sense of pride.

Mary Kom, 2014

Mary kom 2014 Trailer


More than just a sports drama, Mary Kom is a biopic that tells the story of a mother of three and a five-time world boxing champion. In addition to the colorful and lively story of Mary’s journey from victory to victory, A motivating film that is watchable in the same breath.

Eddie the Eagle 2016

Eddie the Eagle 2016 Trailer

UK, USA, Germany

Michael Edwards, aka Eddie the “Eagle” Edwards, is the most successful underdog in the history of world sports. For several years he was just obsessed with the idea of conquering the Olympics by ski jumping. But he had one problem… Eddie just didn’t know how to jump! Why was there a movie made about such a weirdo? Because he made it to the Games and became a national favorite in Britain, and his personal best jump distance became the national British record (so what if no one else in Britain jumped!).

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