Love, passion, obsession. This is what you can call all the things without which each of us would go crazy. Love, tenderness, self-expression, love is sometimes so desperately needed that they turn into a certain idol. we collected some movies about without which you can not live.

  • A star was born (2018)

Country star Jackson is less and less willing to perform, sing, write songs. As he grew older, his love of the stage dulled, and over the years he searched for inspiration in vain. By chance, the hero meets a young talented singer Ellie, who performs in bars. The passion for music and for each other prompts the couple to creat music. But fame has its own price.

  • Ocean’s 8 (2018)

For many years, while in custody, Debbie Ocean, the sister of legendary cheater Danny Ocean, was developing a robbery plan. The thief’s target is a Cartier necklace worth 150 million dollars. Debbie assembles a team, works through the robbery to the smallest detail and carries it out. Yet the jewelry is not the most important thing in this case. It’s all about revenge on someone who once hurt Ocean badly. And you can’t hurt women.

  • The Night Before(2016)

There are only 24 hours left until the apocalypse. A comet coming to Earth and it will destroy everything. Two young lovers, Roma and Julia, want to spend the last hours of their lives next to each other, but alas. As if the characters of the famous Shakespeare’s novel, have to be separated and cope with the horror of what is happening alone.

  • The House That Jack Built (2018)

The plot of the film tells about a serial maniac nicknamed Jack, who for twelve years ruthlessly killed men and women. The police are unable to catch him, there are no witnesses, honest citizens are terrified. Jack is obsessed with the idea that his every murder is like a work of art. And every subsequent one should overwhelm his “viewers” more than the previous one.

  • A Simple Favor (2018)

Single mother Stephanie and wilful business lady Emily. Despite radically different views on life and the upbringing of children, they begin to be friends. After a while, Emily disappears without a trace, and Stephanie unfolds a real operation to rescue her best friend.

  • Unsane (2018)

Sawyer has recently moved and got a new job. She doesn’t make friends, doesn’t communicate with colleagues, spends weekends alone and is cautious about others. The fact is that the girl’s past relationship has turned into a real nightmare. Her lover loved his passion so tremendously that he began to “choke” her with his care. For fear of losing his freedom and maybe life, Sawyer had to start from scratch, cutting off all contacts. But as you know, whoever is looking will always find it.

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