7 Best Oscar Winning Movies To Watch On Putlocker

7 Best Oscar Winning Movies To Watch On Putlocker

“West Side Story” – 10 Oscars.

The film tells the story of “Romeo and Juliet”, only the action was transferred to America in the 1950s. Instead of Montecca and Capuletti, the conflict flares up between immigrants from Puerto Rico and Americans. Instead of swords, they are armed with fists and pistols. And fights are dancing numbers. What is it – the film itself is perceived as one big dance.

Against the backdrop of all these dances and clarification of the relationship between Tony and Mary love flares up. And where does all this lead to… See for yourself.

“English Patient” – 9 Oscars

The film is based on the book of the same name by Michael Ondatja.

After World War II. Young nurse Hannah takes care of an “English patient” who does not remember his name or his life. The patient received such severe burns that he can barely move.

Instead of leaving the patient on the verge of death, the girl takes care of him in an abandoned house. There, he slowly begins to remember his life: how he worked in the desert, how he fell in love with a beautiful woman, and more. But why he is there and what he needs, you will find out by watching the film to the end.

It is also worth mentioning that the film exists in two time periods: in 1938, when the patient lived a full life, and in 1944.

“Slumdog Millionaire” – 8 Oscars.

The film made so much noise in 2008 that it was simply impossible to ignore its existence. And you do not pass by. Do you remember the show “Who wants to become a millionaire” that used to be on TV? Well, the main character of the Movie is Jamal becomes a participant of such show. But it is not that simple: the questions of the show echo Jamal’s life. We observe the history of his life, from his poor childhood to the moment when they sit in the chair in front of the host.

“Flying Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” – 5 Oscars.

Undoubtedly, one of the best films by Milos Forman. It is based on the book of the same name by Ken Keesey. McMurphy pretends to be mentally ill to avoid jail. He quickly becomes his own among patients, even attempts to run the hospital itself. Or, at least, its residents. But he is always hindered by the storm of the whole hospital – nurse Ratched.

McMurphy is not so easy to intimidate, he turns his little riots. And soon he realizes where he really is.

From the point of view of film critics, the film is ideal: a three-part structure, well defined characters that develop the whole film. This allowed the film to take the “big five”: for “Best Film”, “Best Director’s Work”, “Best Adapted Screenplay”, “Best Male Role” and “Best Female Role”.

“The Silence Of The Lambs” – 5 Oscars.

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Harris. The film is for those who love crime thrillers.

Story: A young girl Clarissa. She is involved in solving the series of murders of maniac Buffalo Bill. And to catch Bill before he kills another victim.

“It Happened One Night” – 5 Oscars.

The 1934 film, but don’t let it embarrass you. A good film is not subject of time!

Story: Helen Andrews wants to marry King Wesley so badly that she runs away from her father. But here’s the catch: the girl has lived her whole life in luxury and can’t deny herself anything. And now suddenly she finds herself on the bus, also among strangers.

Helene is saved by a journalist Peter. But what are his motives? Did he really just decide to help the girl? Watching the screen relationship between Clark Gable and Claudette Colber is a pleasure.

By the way, this is the first film in the history of “Oscar”, which gathered the above-mentioned “big five”: for “Best Movie”, “Best Director’s Work”, “Best Adapted Screenplay”, “Best Male Role” and “Best Female Role”.

“American Beauty” – 5 Oscars.

At first glance, an ordinary American family: a husband works in a office, a wife is a realtor, a teenage daughter. But then Angela, Jane’s friend, appears, and some madness begins to happen with all the family members. Suddenly, they decide to change their gray lives and start living at last.

The film in its own way makes you think about life and start to see beauty in little things.


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