Here is the list of CREEPIEST DOLLS, after seeing this we think you will throw your doll away. hehehehehe


Annabelle: The Curse of Annabelle (2015)

Its first appearance was in James Van’s horror movie in 2014. Despite the short screen time, the creepy girl left an indelible mark on audience and critics. And so successfully that single film was turned into a trilogy.

Billy the Doll.


Another creepy creation by James Van. Many people mistakenly believe that the doll with the red cheeks is behind all the torture in the films, although in reality it is just a puppet of a real villain. On the other hand, seeing a doll with bloody eyes and a curved mouth in front of it was a much more terrifying experience for victims than just a simple man of blood and flesh.

Ventriloquist’s dummy.

“Dead Silence”

It is not known whether the first thing that appeared was fear of creep dolls or this horror, but they both are clearly connected. In the movie, hundreds of ominous ventriloquist dolls with icy eyes and mechanical movements are hunting for different people who hurt Mary Shaw.


The Boy

The main character Greta is arranged as a nanny for the son of an elderly couple. “The Boy” is a doll, but the “parents” treat it with responsibility and care. Greta, who thinks the couple is crazy, But SHE IS GETTING great money, so she takes the job. The girl does not follow the rules of Brahms’ care, and as a result, the doll starts taking revenge.

Poltergeist clown.

A memory from childhood, a creepy clown with a wide smile has crippled more than one child’s psyche. In the story, our hero is eerily afraid of the clown sitting in the corner of the room, who periodically appears opposite his bed. The boy tries to throw a blanket over the doll and escape from the smile, but everything starts becoming abnormal.


Child’s Play

The list would not be complete without the most famous creepy doll, the main character of many horror stories. Chucky appears when one serial killer passes on his soul to the puppet to avoid physical death. Chucky survives in the most unexpected scenarios and, despite his small size, is almost invincible.

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