51 Best Science Fiction Movies To Watch

51 Best Science Fiction Movies To Watch
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One of our favorite branches of science fiction is alien movies. We have so much to choose from, from horror movies to classic and endearing comedies. In this list, we will show you our favorites and the most acclaimed by critics and the general public. The order will be chronologically, from the newest to the oldest. Enjoy.

Let us begin!

Nope (2022)

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction

A family that breeds horse actors try to survive in the digital age. But when the pair of brothers mysteriously lose their father to a bunch of objects falling from the sky, things change completely. After discovering very dangerous patterns involving horses, gusts of wind, and clouds, they begin to think that they are dealing with an alien species that is desperate for food.

Prey (2022)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

An indigenous tribe with traditional customs tries to maintain the status quo with their daughters, but one of them refuses to stay at home to serve her brother. Her brother teaches her to hunt, and wanting to pass the absolute hunting test to become a provider for the tribe, the girl discovers a dangerous being that could easily come from another planet. The origin of many of the Predator stories begins with a small young woman and the most powerful being in the galaxy.

Dune (2021)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

Year 10191. Summoned by the emperor to take charge of the administration of the arid and inhospitable planet Arrakis. Paul Atreides, talented son of Duke Leto, finds himself caught between two worlds. Will Paul be able to fulfill his destiny in distant Dune, home of the mysterious blue-eyed Fremen?

Eternals (2021)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

In the year 5000 B.C. C. in Babylon, earthlings are attacked by predatory Deviants. The humanoid race of powerful Eternals is awakened in their spaceship by their creator Arishem and released to destroy the Deviants with their abilities. They are not allowed to return to their ship and have to remain living on Earth throughout the centuries. In present day London, the ageless Sersi is walking near the River Thames when she is attacked by a Deviant.

Captive State (2019)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

The first contact with aliens occurred ten years ago. Now, humanity succumbs to its force, divided into various factions and not knowing how to stand up to them. Lack of trust, doubt, and class differences play a role in those who decide to join the fight, or resist it.

A Quiet Place (2018)

Genre: Drama, Horror, Science Fiction

In a post-apocalyptic world dominated by creatures that came from beyond the stars and hunt based on sound, one family has managed to survive, until now, in a new life where silence reigns. But an innocent celebration can turn into misfortune with predators as advanced as these. The family will have to manage to survive this nightmare that seems to have no end.

Annihilation (2018)

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Horror

It’s been twelve months since his last covert operation, and Kane, the skilled and intelligent soldier, is still missing in action, presumed dead. His wife, the successful academic biology professor, Lena, still in mourning for him, experiences an unprecedented phenomenon in the Florida swamps that will soon have her following in Kane’s footsteps. He decides to enter as a member of a solid team of women to investigate the mysterious events of this place. Many are the theories that try to explain the mysterious ever-expanding iridescent membrane that swallows the area; however, neither can provide facts. What kind of amazing biological concoctions lurk behind this bright and colorful kaleidoscope of horrors?

Life (2017)

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller

The crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS) make a successful capture of a space probe returning from Mars with a sample inside. The crew is tasked with studying the sample, which may be the first evidence of extraterrestrial life. However, the study ultimately fails as the organism gains intelligence. Trapped aboard the ISS with the rapidly growing organism, the crew must figure out how to kill it before it can escape and decimate Earth.

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Genre: Action, Drama, Horror

After breaking up with her boyfriend Ben, Michelle leaves New Orleans. While she is in rural Louisiana, she listens to news reports of power outages in several major cities before a truck hits her sideways and knocks her off the road, knocking her unconscious. Michelle wakes up in a locked room inside an underground bunker, her injuries healed. Howard, the bunker’s owner, tells her that he brought her there for her protection, claiming that the air outside has been poisoned by nuclear or chemical fallout of an unknown force.

Midnight Special (2016)

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction

Midnight Special tells the story of Alton Meyer and his father. Alton has extraordinary abilities, and is revered by a cult that sees him as a god. His father, however, is aware of how bad it can be to live with that adoration, and decides to separate him from them for one night. But the cult is unwilling to let him go, and will seek to win him back no matter what. As if that were not enough, the United States government is also aware of Alton’s abilities, and they will lead his father to start a race against time that will put them both in danger.

Arrival (2016)

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction

Twelve strange and mysterious alien ships are located around the world. The militia recruits an expert linguist, Dr. Louise Banks, to build a method of communication with the aliens and find out if they came with peaceful or threatening intentions. The nations involved consider things that happen unexpectedly to have destructive tendencies.

The Signal (2014)

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery

On a road trip, Nic and two friends are lured to an isolated area by a computer genius. As everything suddenly goes black, Nic regains consciousness, only to find himself in a veritable nightmare.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

When an alien race called the Mimics invades and destroys Europe, London is the last stand on the Old World. General Brigham plans an attack on France hoping to defeat the Mimics and orders Major William Cage, who is an American public relations officer, to cover the invasion. However, Cage does not accept the assignment and threatens General Brigham to expose the victims. He is arrested, charged with desertion, demoted to private and assigned to fight in the invasion under the command of the tough Sergeant Farell, at Heathrow base.

The humans are slaughtered in the invasion and, when Cage kills a Mimic, and is sprayed with its blood; in less than five minutes of combat, Cage is killed. He shockingly wakes up at Heathrow base and relives the same day over and over again after dying. At every turn, Cage tries to fix the deaths of his squad and meets Sergeant Rita Vrataski, who asks him to find her when she wakes up on the base. Rita takes Cage to meet Dr. Carter, who explains that he killed an Alpha and that his blood has given him the ability to reset time. Earth’s last hope is the destruction of the Mimic leader, known as Omega, who is in hiding. Will Cage and Rita succeed in their solitary mission?

The World’s End (2013)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Science Fiction

Five lifelong friends reunite to complete a historic pub crawl of their youth and discover that reaching the legendary tavern at the End of the World will be no easy task, as they fight for the future of all humanity.

Twenty years ago, Gary King and his friends embarked on the ultimate drinking marathon. But the beer got the better of them and they couldn’t drink their last pint in a pub called “The End of the World”. Now, as the rebellious Gary approaches maturity, he summons his old friends to his hometown for another round. With each pint, Gary and the gang take another step toward reconciling the past. Meanwhile, just when it begins to look like their goal is in sight, the friends realize that a much bigger fight is underway and that the future looks particularly bleak, not just for them, but for the entire family. human race.

Under The Skin (2013)

Genre: Drama, Horror, Science Fiction

An alien entity inhabits the earthly form of a young woman who combs the roads and streets of Scotland for human prey. She seduces her isolated and abandoned male victims and takes them to a separate dimension where they are stripped naked and consumed. However, existence in all its complexity begins to change the alien visitor. She begins to discover herself as a human with terrifying and tragic consequences.

Oblivion (2013)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

One of the few remaining drone repairmen assigned to Earth, its surface devastated after decades of war with alien Scavs, discovers a crashed spaceship with contents that cast doubt on everything he believed about war. This finding could jeopardize the fate of humanity.

Pacific Rim (2013)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

For years, the Earth is repeatedly attacked by giant monsters called Kaiju that emerge from a portal beneath the Pacific Ocean. The only effective defense is the Jaeger program, huge and complex robots that require pairs of pilots with neural links. However, as each Kaiju attack becomes more powerful and frequent, humanity must change its tactics. To that end, former Jaeger pilot Raleigh Becket is reactivated as part of a desperate plan to destroy the portal. As Raleigh strives to heal his inner scars and help his new partner conquer hers, an intrepid scientist discovers a way to tap into the Kaiju’s mind to learn about them. Unfortunately, this ends up being a double-edged sword, as vital information,

Europe Report (2013)

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction

Jupiter’s moon Europa has the potential to support life. A manned mission is sent to this remote place to search for data that shows that this is real. The “Europa report” highlights the difficult decisions and sacrifices the crew has to make to meet the goal of sending valuable data back to Earth for investigation.

Cocoon (2013)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction

In this Oscar-winning fantasy, the residents of a Florida nursing home are given new life when they stumble upon an alien “fountain of youth” in a disused vacation home. Unbeknownst to them, the aliens have been using the house pool to store their cocooned brethren, giving the waters a powerful and rejuvenating quality.

Men in Black 3 (2012)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Criminal Boris the Animal escapes from LunarMax, a maximum security prison based on the moon. He comes to Earth seeking revenge against Agent K, who shot off his arm and arrested him forty years ago, and protected Earth from a Boglodyte invasion. Boris is defeated again and travels back in time to 1969 to assassinate him, assuming that being younger, he would be inexperienced and clumsy. When Agent J notices that the timeline has changed to the present day and Agent O tells him that K died in 1969, he decides to travel to July 15, 1969 to save K the next day. Agent J has a hard time convincing the younger version of Agent K with lies, but when he decides to tell the truth, K believes his words and they search for Boris together. They are aided by the friendly alien Griiffin,

Prometheus (2012)

Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Science Fiction

A prequel to the Alien movies that narrates humanity’s search for its origin. A team of explorers sets out for a distant moon to conduct promising research by finding clues that may lead them to the race that created them. They will soon discover that they are not the only ones on this gloomy moon.

Super 8 (2011)

Genre: Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller

In the summer of 1979, six friends spend their time making a zombie movie with an 8mm camera. Joe Lamb is in charge of the makeup and, in addition, he likes Alice Dainard, who has recently joined the group. While filming at the local train station, they see one of his teachers, Dr. Woodward, turn his truck onto the track and crash into an oncoming train, causing the derailment. As they continue trying to make their movie, they realize that an alien was being transported on that train and is now on the loose in the community.

Paul (2011)

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction

Graeme and Clive are British sci-fi nerds vacationing in the US. After Comic-Con in San Diego, they rent an RV and head to places where UFOs have been sighted. Near Roswell, they witness a car accident and come face to face with a small green creature, who calls himself Paul. He wants his help to escape the pursuit of government agents, who have held him captive for more than 60 years. Thus begins an odyssey peppered with alien movie clichés. All roads lead to Wyoming, where the story began in 1947.

Attack the Block (2011)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Attack the Block follows a hapless young woman and a gang of tough inner-city kids who make an unlikely alliance to try and defend their turf against an invasion of savage alien creatures. This film turns a South London apartment complex into an intergalactic war zone.

District 9 (2009)

Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Thriller

When a peaceful alien group invades a poor area of ​​Johannesburg, the land welcomes them with open arms. But this warm welcome is short-lived, as humanity soon shows its worst face and decides to try to drive them off the earth. The person in charge of this task is called Wikus van der Merwe who, during his mission, will be exposed to an alien chemical that begins to transform him into a terrifying hybrid. Being rejected by humans, he will only find solace in the aliens who should be his enemies.

Omen (2009)

Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery

Known as Knowing in the United States and Signs of the Futurein Spain. In 1959, a group of elementary school students draw pictures for a time capsule of what they think the world will be like in 2009. One of the girls, Lucinda Wayland, doesn’t draw a picture, but fills in a long list of numbers. In 2009, the school opens the capsule and distributes the images to the students and Caleb Koestler, Lucinda’s classmate, gets the page with all the numbers. Caleb’s father, John, a university professor and astrophysicist, is intrigued, and upon cracking the code, he realizes that the numbers represent the date, location, and number of people killed in major catastrophes, some natural and some man-made. by man. He also sees that there are three disasters that seem to have not happened yet.

Contacts of the Fourth Kind (2009)

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction

Alien encounters are classified on different scales. The encounter of the first type is the sighting. The second is when evidence of the existence of a UFO is collected. The third would be contact with these beings, and the next level would be abduction.

The story takes place in Nome, a small town in Alaska that has seen its population disappear on the rise. Even with the FBI involved in the investigation, no one has been able to explain this phenomenon. In this remote location we meet psych doctor Abigail Tyler, who records the appointments of her patients with past trauma for study, and as part of her normal interview procedure.

You will soon realize that these sessions will begin to provide you with the answers investigators are looking for about the mysterious disappearances, full of disturbing and mysterious details.

Cloverfield (2008)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror

The United States Department of Defense finds a video cassette in the old Central Park. The footage shows a group of friends having a surprise farewell party at Rob Hawkins’ Manhattan apartment.

Rob is a young man who leaves New York to work in Japan, and his friend Hud is recording goodbye messages from his colleagues. Out of nowhere, they are surprised by an earthquake and see on the news that a ship has sunk in the harbor area. They go to the attic to see the accident and witness explosions everywhere; When the power goes out in the building, they run to the streets trying to save their lives from the attack of a huge monster.

The Host (2006)

Genre: Action, Drama, Horror

When a monster emerges from the depths of the Han River and leaves panic and death in its wake, a poor family with a small business will be directly affected when the smallest of the house disappears. At first they give her up for dead and give up their search for her, but a halo of hope makes them reconsider and make the decision to find her, using all her knowledge and skills to rescue her.

The War of the Worlds (2005)

Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller

The story follows Ray, a father who finds himself separated from his troubled teenage son, Robbie, and his young daughter, Rachel. Ray struggles to build bridges with his children as his ex-wife, Mary Ann, drops them off at her house for the weekend. But, soon enough, things go from bad to worse, when out of the blue, mysterious electromagnetic pulses and violent lightning begin to strike the area, and an invasion of technologically advanced aliens wreaks havoc on a completely defenseless Earth.

Signs (2002)

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction

After the death of his wife in a freak accident, Reverend Graham Hess questions his faith and even leaves the church. Six months later, he discovers a gigantic crop circle in his garden. Similar events occur all over the world. Graham’s kids think they’re aliens, his brother thinks they’re pranksters, and Graham doesn’t know what to make of it. As more and more strange events occur, he realizes that something big is coming, and it probably won’t be good.

Galaxy Quest (1999)

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction

The sci-fi adventure series “Galaxy Quest” took place aboard the intergalactic spacecraft NSEA Protector. Eighteen years after their series was cancelled, actors Jason Nesmith, Gwen DeMarco, Sir Alexander Dane, Tommy Webber and Fred Kwan (along with Guy Fleegman) are making costumed appearances at sci-fi conventions and electronics store openings.

The cast members are wallowing in despair and feeling ashamed and spiteful towards one another, until the aliens known as Thermians arrive and, having mistaken the series for reality, model their entire culture around it. They decide to take the actors to outer space to save them from the genocidal warlord, General Sarris.

Men in Black (1997)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

They are the best kept secret in the universe. Working for a highly funded but unofficial government agency, K and J are part of the Men in Black team, immigration service providers and regulators of all things extraterrestrial on Earth. While investigating a series of unrecorded close encounters, the organization’s agents uncover the deadly plot of an intergalactic terrorist on a mission to assassinate two ambassadors from opposite galaxies currently residing in New York City.

Contact (1997)

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction

This is the story of a free-thinking radio astronomer who discovers an intelligent signal transmitted from deep space. She and her fellow scientists are able to decipher the message and get detailed instructions for building a mystery machine. Will this mean the end of our world or the end of our superstitions? Will we take our place among the races of the galaxy, or are we just an upstart species with a long way to go?

The Fifth Element (1997)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

Unbeknownst to him, Korben Dallas, a former special forces commando and now a mid-23rd century New York City taxi driver, finds himself caught in the middle of an eons-old war when the unsullied being, Leeloo, collides against his cab. In search of the perfect weapon that can save humanity from an all-powerful force of pure evil, Korben, Leeloo, and the space priest, Vito Cornelius, fight to unearth the mysterious “fifth element.” Now, in the final battle between good and evil, Leeloo seems to hold the key to Earth’s salvation; however, is it worth saving?

Starship Troopers (1997)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

Known in Spanish America as Invasion. Time is the future. Johnny Rico joins the military after graduating to become a citizen. In the war against the aliens from Klendathu, the army is a very dangerous place. Johnny fights his way through violent battles and with the help of his friends and comrades, he will try to turn the tide of war and save the human race.

Independence Day (1996)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

Humans receive a strange signal from space and this becomes a global phenomenon. A huge spaceship heads towards Earth and smaller ones begin to cover entire cities around the world. Suddenly, wonder turns to horror as they begin to destroy everything in their path. Then, when the humans fight back, they realize that the alien ships are immune to military weapons. It is here when the president of the United States decides to go to Area 51, to prepare a plan in order to defeat the invaders. Now the fate of the world depends on a handful of humans and the military remnant still fighting for survival.

Martians Attack (1996)

Genre: Comedy, Science Fiction

When American satellites manage to obtain images of a fleet of flying saucers coming to Earth, President James Dale calls a meeting with his advisers. The president is convinced by Professor Donald Kessler that the Martians would be a developed culture and therefore naturally peaceful, despite General Decker’s warnings. The authorities and some civilians, together with the press, prepare a welcome committee for the aliens, but they realize that Mars is attacking Earth.

The Secret of the Abyss (1989)

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Mystery

On a mission, the US military loses contact with a nuclear submarine after it disappears under mysterious circumstances. The navy decides to ask the workers of a nearby oil rig for help, and sends several soldiers to investigate the cause of the accident. However, what they ignore is that it was not an accident, but the work of an underwater alien species. The crew of soldiers will discover that the ocean is not as vast or lonely as they thought, and that there is something else waiting for them in the depths.

Alien³ (1992)

Genre: Action, Horror, Science Fiction

After escaping with Newt and Hicks from the moon LV-426, Ellen Ripley lands on Fiorina 161, a prison planet and home to a correctional facility. Although Newt and Hicks did not survive the crash, a less welcome visitor does. The prison does not allow weapons of any kind and the hostages must survive by any means. When help arrives, the “Company’s” true intentions become clear. During her stay in prison, Ripley discovers the horrible reason for her accident: an alien stowaway. Deaths begin to occur on the order of the day and no one is aware that the true enemy is much more ruthless than this being.

Miracle on 8th Street (1987)

Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy

A group of tenants in an apartment block are forced to move for the subsequent demolition of the place. The tenants are reluctant to move out, so the developers hire a local gang to “persuade” them out. Fortunately, some mechanical alien life forms come to town and befriend the tenants. These beings are capable of using their abilities to help those in need.

Predator (1987)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

A military group needs to carry out a rescue operation looking for some airmen lost in a Central American jungle. The mission is a success, but they soon realize that they are not alone and something is hunting them. This strange being is almost invisible, it blends into the undergrowth and takes small “souvenirs” of those it kills. The audience will realize, through the eyes of this predator, that this is a highly intelligent race of alien hunters. Humans will have to manage to get out of there alive.

Alien (1986)

Genre: Horror, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

Ellen Ripley has spent 57 years in hypersleep, the sole survivor of the alien attack on the Nostromo mining ship. Waking up, she is greeted coldly by the officers, as they refuse to believe her experience and her story, despite her being the only survivor on the entire ship. To her horror, Ellen also discovers that the moon LV-426, where she experienced the worst horrors of her life, is one more company colony. When they lose communication with it, Ripley will have to take action on the matter and lead a group of the space army that leaves heavily armed for this mission. In order to get rid of her troubled past and try to eliminate this aggressive species, Ellen will have to face them once again.

My Enemy (1985)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

In the distant future, while the galaxy is being colonized, humanity goes to war against the Dracs, a reptilian race from the planet Draco. While the two fight for control of different worlds, the pilot Willis Davidge crashes on Fryine IV, a volcanic planet. Willis discovers that he is not alone and that a Drac, named Jeriba Shigan, has also crash-landed on the planet. Both stranded on Fryine IV, they will have to put aside their differences and their mutual hatred as they try to survive on the planet. We will see how, little by little, they learn about each other’s cultures and create a small friendly bond.

Starman (1984)

Genre: Romance, Science Fiction

An alien who has crash-landed in the United States takes on the appearance of a woman’s dead husband, and enlists your help to escape the pursuing authorities. His mission: rendezvous with a spaceship at the other end of the country. As he learns to be more human, the alien begins to take on more and more of the woman’s husband qualities, drawing her much closer to him.

The Enigma from Another World (1982)

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction

Also known as The Thing, this film takes place in Antarctica, where some workers at an American research base are surprised by a helicopter that begins to attack a dog. They soon find out that the helicopter could be coming from the Norwegian base, and send a team to investigate the reason behind the attack, while the dog makes himself comfortable inside his base. Arriving at the base in Norway, they discover that the place is destroyed, and they take a body they found there to study. Shortly after seeing the “dog” transforming into a strange creature, they realize that they are in danger, as this creature could transform into any of them, and they don’t know who is infected.

ET the Alien (1982)

Genre: Family, Science Fiction

While visiting Earth, a group of alien botanists is discovered and disturbed by a nearby human work crew. Due to the more than hasty takeoff, one of the visitors is left behind. The little alien finds himself alone on a very strange planet.

Fortunately, he finds a friend and emotional partner in 10-year-old Elliot, a lonely boy whose parents have separated. As ET gradually becomes acquainted with Elliot’s older brother Michael, his sister Gertie and Earth customs, members of the task force strive day and night to track down the whereabouts of Earth’s first visitor. . The desire to go home plagues ET, and after being able to communicate with Elliot and the others, ET begins building a makeshift device to send a message home to ask her people to come get him.

Alien (1979)

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction

Deep in space, the mining ship Nostromo intercepts a distress call from a distant moon. The group of seven awakens from hypersleep, soon landing on the moon. Investigating it, a group of three explorers stumble upon a mysterious spaceship with a giant compartment containing thousands of eggs. As one of them approaches, the creature inside the egg attacks it, knocking it unconscious. They rush him to the ship and decide to flee from there, but not before discovering, to his misfortune, that the creature inside the egg was a parasite, and they are a long way from returning to normal.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction

Department of Public Health employee Elizabeth Driscoll tells her friend and coworker, field researcher Matthew Bennell, that her boyfriend, Dr. Geoffrey Howell, is not the same person and is behaving differently. different.

Matthew suggests that Elizabeth visit his friend, the renowned Dr. David Kibner. She meets him at a conference and he tries to convince her that she has some emotional problem with Geoffrey, while Elizabeth notices that other people have the same complaint. When Matthew’s friends Nancy and Jack Bellicec find a clone of Jack in his medical mud business, they call Matthew and he immediately seeks out Elizabeth. Breaking into her house, he finds a clone of her. The foursome discover that people are being replaced with emotionless exact replicas.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Genre: Drama, Science Fiction

In 1945, a group of aircraft were reported missing. Suddenly, they appear in the Mojave desert, with signs of aging, but no trace of the pilots. Meanwhile, unidentified flying object activity is increasing in Indianapolis, with some planes having sightings that are hard to write down. Finally, an electrician named Roy Neary experiences a UFO sighting that fills his mind with curious images and clues that force him to find their meaning.

The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)

Genre: Drama, Science Fiction

David Bowie stars as Thomas Newton, an alien who falls to earth and, using his superior intelligence and empathic abilities, manages to establish a business that could help humans and his own planet, which appears to be in the grip of a devastating drought.

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