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Nominated for Oscars in five categories, winner of the Palme d’Or in Cannes, awarded, among others, Two Golden Globes, the film “Anatomy of a Fall” directed by Justine Triet opens in cinemas this Friday. Before you go to the cinema, we have some interesting facts about the film for you.

Messi – The Biggest Movie Star?

Since 2001, the Cannes Film Festival has awarded the award for best dog actor. This year, a chic leather collar with the golden inscription “Palm Dog” went into the hands of Messi’s border collie, who played the role of Snoop in the film. The biggest Hollywood stars were impressed by his talent, including: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Billie Eilish, and Bradley Cooper, who lined up to meet the dog star during one of the industry events.

The Award-Winning Script Was Created During The Pandemic.

The film tells the story of the breakdown of a seemingly happy marriage. The authors of the script are Justine Triet and her partner Arthur Harari, and the entire creative process took place during the lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, their relationship did not suffer, and Arthur is doing great – this is confirmed by his presence at galas, where he and Justine received awards for their work, among others. Golden Globe, and favorites in the Oscar race.

The Film’s Musical Theme Was Supposed To Be Different

The film’s main theme is a cover of 50 Cent’s “PIMP” by the German funk band Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band. However, it was not the creators’ first choice. Initially, they wanted to use Dolly Parton’s song “Jolene”, which they were unable to obtain the rights to. So they decided to cover a famous rapper. The song was supposed to represent one of the film’s characters, Samuel, who we only see in the film in snapshots from the past. The choice paid off because the musical theme immediately won the hearts of the audience. And a few weeks ago, rumors appeared on social media that Sandra Hüller would perform the song with 50 Cent at the upcoming Oscars. We will find out on March 10 whether this will be the case.

The Film Did Not Become The French Candidate For The Oscar Because Of… Emmanuel Macron.

Justine Triet used the opportunity during the gala at the Cannes Film Festival to show her dissatisfaction with the rule of the French president. She then sharply criticized the “shocking” crackdown on pension protests and said that “the commercialization of culture that this neoliberal government supports is destroying the uniqueness of France’s cultural heritage.” Some see this speech as the reason why the film was not selected as a French candidate for the Oscar ( Juliette Binoche was chosen, hailed by some Internet users as “the most boring film of the Cannes festival“).

Guilty Or Not?

In the film, the main character is accused of murdering her husband. Sandra Hüller, who plays her, kept asking director and screenwriter Justine Triet one question throughout the entire shoot : did she do it? As the actress admits, she has not yet been able to solve the mystery, which often gives her… sleepless nights. The director herself answers questions about the ambiguous ending teasingly: “I’ll tell you in 10 years.”

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