5 of The Most Iconic Fictional Witches of All Time

5 of The Most Iconic Fictional Witches of All Time
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Rosemary’s Baby

1968 / Drama, Horror / USA

The psychological thriller is based on the novel of the same name by American writer Ira Levin. In the center of the plot is the story of a young married couple who moved to New York rented apartment. The couple meets suspicious neighbors who eventually turn out to be members of a satanic cult. John Cassavetes and Mia Farrow starred in the film, and actress Ruth Gordon, who played the eccentric neighbor of the main characters, was awarded an Oscar and a Golden Globe for this role.

The Brothers Grimm

2005 / Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy

Will and Jacob Grimm, famous throughout the world as storytellers, before they began to write books, hunted for the expulsion of dark forces from towns and villages. Arriving at the place, they convinced the locals that a witch had wound up at their mill, and then – not for free – they expelled her. This was repeated many, many times until the moment when rumors about the young men reached the Napoleonic authorities: they were ordered to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances of young girls that occurred on the border of France and Germany. There they encountered a real evil sorceress.

Dark Shadows

2012 / Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

Several centuries ago, the witch Angelica, having fallen in love with the nobleman Barnabas Collins, but not getting reciprocal feelings from him, killed all his relatives, and turned Barnabas himself into a vampire. He is doomed to certain death unfortunate, and the locals, with the assistance of Angelica, are buried in a wooden coffin deep into the ground. By chance, today Barnabas manages to free himself from captivity – he returns to his hometown. His distant relatives live in the once-prosperous mansion, and the witch Angelica has become the most powerful person in the area.

The Last Witch Hunter

2015 / Adventure, Fantasy, Action / USA

The truth that past generations knew has now been forgotten and hidden from prying eyes: witches live in the human world. These creatures, bound by an oath to their dead queen, wait for the hour when they can fulfill their destiny – to send a deadly plague to the planet. Calder is the last of a line of witch hunters and has been fighting them for centuries. Once he killed the power-hungry witch queen, but now she is ready to be reborn from the ashes.

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