5 best movies for teenagers – with hidden life lessons

5 best movies for teenagers – with hidden life lessons
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Kick Ass

2010 / Action, Comedy / UK, USA

However, who said that superheroes should only be mutants or semi-robots? The heroes of this film, schoolchildren, became superheroes only because they themselves wanted to. And then everything is simple: put on a ridiculous bright suit and – go ahead, save the world from supervillains.

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

2003 / Adventure, Action, Comedy / USA

You don’t have to be a superhero, you can, while you are still in middle school, become a super spy for a start. And still save the world from the antics of adult bad guys. One of the main tasks of commercial cinema is to create self-confidence in a person, and this is exactly what teenagers really lack.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

2010 / Action, Melodrama, Comedy / USA, UK

But this is already a feat that every first teenager has to accomplish, because the boys discover that someone has already had the objects of their love before them. Super exes… Scott needs to defeat them all in order to completely free the head of the girl with red hair from the memories.

Ender’s Game

2013 / Fantasy, Action / USA

In extreme cases, you can become a super-warrior who will lead humanity into a decisive battle against an alien threat. The filmmakers made the character more adult than in the book because it was easier for a teenage actor to handle such a task, but the film still turned out to be too deep and dark to be a hit. The franchise failed.

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