5 of The Best Fantasy Witch Movies To Watch Online

5 of The Best Fantasy Witch Movies To Watch Online
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I, Robot

2004 / Action, Drama, Crime / USA

Future. Mankind actively uses robots in everyday life, and people control the operation of machines through laws. However, in 2035, an engineer of one of the robot manufacturing companies is murdered. The talented police officer Del Spooner, almost the only robot-hater in the world, has serious suspicions that for the first time in the history of the new world, a robot has raised a hand against a person, which means that the threat of an uprising of machines is just around the corner. To confirm his suspicions, Spooner finds in the company a unique robot, Sunny, who does not obey anyone’s orders. The film is based on the work of science fiction writer Isaac Asimov.

Ghost in the Shell

2017 / Crime, Drama, Action / USA

The film takes place in the near future, in which technology has reached such heights that it has made it possible to significantly improve the human body with various neural implants. However, such improvements have made people more vulnerable, because now their minds can be hacked. This was discovered by a hacker nicknamed the Puppeteer, who overnight became the most dangerous criminal in the world. In search of him, the government sends a cyborg, an artificially created girl nicknamed Major, whose consciousness once belonged to a person. However, as she investigates, she begins to wonder who she was before she was made into a cyborg.

Ex Machina

2015 / Mystery, Drama / USA

Young programmer Caleb gets the opportunity to chat with the boss of the company in an informal setting in his secluded and stuffed electronics chalet in the mountains. Upon arrival, he learns that he will take part in an experiment with the world’s first artificial intelligence. The experiment is based on the Turing test. However, the test itself is planned by the head of the company in such a way that Caleb initially knows who is in front of him (a robot named Ava), and the task of the machine is to prove to him that she can not only receive incoming information but also realize what this information means and also feel. Thus, in this experiment, there are two subjects: not only a machine but also a programmer interacting with it.

Children of Men

2006 / Thriller, Drama

Near future, 2027. The mass barrenness of mankind plunged the world into anarchy. Humans are in danger of extinction. London is torn apart by clan wars of opposing criminal gangs. Disillusioned eurocrats rise to the defense of the last hope of mankind. He needs to deliver a pregnant woman to a safe place under the supervision of qualified doctors.

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