5 Must-Watch Korean Movies to Fall in Love With As You

5 Must-Watch Korean Movies to Fall in Love With As You
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1999 / Drama, Crime, Action / South Korea

Along with “Ostrov” one of the first Korean hits in Russia. The title is deceptive: Shiri is a small fish, but the film will not be about nature at all, and you should not expect long shots with shoals in flowing streams. This is an action movie in the spirit of the favorite peoples of Hong Kong grinders, where everyone shoots, swears and loves at the same time.

Taegukgi hwinalrimyeo

2004 / Drama, War movie, Action / South Korea

An equally heartbreaking film from the same director, Kang Jae Gyu, once again returns to one of the most painful points in Korean history – the civil war of the early 50s. This is the story of two brothers who were sent to the front as cannon fodder. In general, the pathos of almost all films by South Korean authors boils down to the fact that only politicians need the division of the country, and ordinary people most of all would like to simply unite and live on in peace.


2002 / Drama, Melodrama / South Korea

A touching love story from Lee Chang Dong – the story of a bully who falls in love with a girl suffering from cerebral palsy. The society separated them, the guy got a term, the girl was left to suffer in the wild, and the film itself was awarded the FIPRESCI prize in Venice, and this is an award from the most captious and capricious viewers.


2010 / Documentary, Family film

Best Screenplay Award at Cannes. This film by Lee Chang Dong is about an old woman who decides to start writing poetry. And all nature, all people become for her an occasion for poetic lines, until the immanent transcendental cruelty of being familiar to Korean cinema invades this idyll. The heroine will have to suffer.

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