5 Films About World War II

 World War II
5 Films About World War II
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Movies worth seeing

Fury (2014)

American army is fighting its way deep into Germany. Somewhere on the front line, five heroes and one tank confront hundreds of German soldiers. His crew has been through many battles and then one day in the last battle they lost a gunner. Gordo and Grady got a green fighter, a kid named Norman. But war is no place for wimps, and it’s up to them to turn Norman into a real man.

The Book Thief (2013)

Unlike other films, we don’t see much military action here. The action sequence centers on Germany. The film sets on the eve of World War II when nine-year-old Liesel finds herself on Street with her foster parents. The frightened girl, who experiences the loss of loved ones, finds herself in a family where her mother is like a storm cloud and her father, is a kind and sensitive man. Books open a new world for her. Everything she learns from them helps her understand the events around her – the persecution of the Jews, the anti-fascist movement, humiliation, and hunger. And all of these, in the end, will be folded into her own life story.

Sarah’s Key (2010)

Based on the novel “Sara’s Key”, this film tells the story of the tragedy at the Vel’ d’Hiv when 12,884 Parisian Jews were rounded up at a velodrome in 1942 and deported to Auschwitz. In the story, American journalist Julia, who lives in France, collects materials about the raid for an article marking the 60th anniversary of those tragic events. By chance, she finds out that the flat where she and her husband live once belonged to a deported Jewish family. This is how a Jewish girl, Sara, enters Julia’s life.

Into The White (2012)

The film tells viewers about a real-life episode during World War II. On a cold winter day two warplanes, a German and an English plane, crash over the Norwegian countryside in the middle of a battle. The two surviving crews find a hut near the crash site, where they work together to survive in entire movie they help each other out, despite the fact that they are enemies.

Flags of Our Fathers (2006)

Clint Eastwood’s film about the battles for Iwo Jima which were the bloodiest land battles in the Pacific during World War II. The film is seen through the eyes of American soldiers. In the same year Eastwood also made Letters from Iwo Jima in which the viewer sees the battle through the eyes of Japanese soldiers.

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