5 Best Movies of All Time to Relive Your Youth

5 Best Movies of All Time to Relive Your Youth
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The Net (2016)

2016 / Drama / South Korea

Let’s finish this selection with the new film of the same Kim Ki-duk “Network”. This director has already addressed the topic of hostility between North and South Korea, but this time he did it most clearly. The main character is a poor fisherman who is carried by the current from North Korea to South Korea while fishing. There they are waiting for him with open arms and begin to show him the beauties of the bourgeois world, along the way arranging interrogations and tortures to make sure that he is not a spy. And when he returns home to his family, about the same thing awaits him in North Korea. The parable is very simple, but it convincingly shows the non-conformist position of Kim Ki-duk and his humanistic pathos, which has always stood at the center of his works.

The 400 Blows

1959 / Drama, Crime / France

The biggest teen movie ever made. François Truffaut guessed something very important about this special feeling of restlessness when the world suddenly became hostile, and no matter how hard you try to survive, you will still be crushed. The path of Antoine Doinel from his parents’ home to the orphanage, and then beyond it, is shown so soulfully that since then all films about teenagers have been compared to Truffaut’s debut feature.


2014 / Drama / USA

But the 21st century has given us the most unimaginable film about teenagers. Richard Linklater filmed it for many years to let the actors grow up with their characters, although this is not usually done in films. As a result, the impression of this three-hour picture cannot be compared with anything, we really feel that we are living a significant period of life with children in a broken family. And we live with them until they reach an important life milestone – adolescence.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

2017 / Action, Adventure / USA

It is very difficult for teenagers to cope with the shaft of difficulties that have fallen on them. That’s why they’re so drawn to the superhero aesthetic. And the creators of superhero stories, in order to somehow meet the needs of the audience, began to rewrite their stories that the superheroes in them were not adult 30-year-old uncles, but schoolchildren. Spiderman in this sense is a good example for demonstrating a trend. We are waiting on the screen of the brilliant schoolboy Tony Stark and the loser Captain America.

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