5 Best Movies of Johnny Depp

5 Best Movies of Johnny Depp

When it comes to acting and stardom, our young Captain Jack Sparrow is unbeatable. 

Johnny Depp is not only famous for his jawline, but also his wholesome acting skills. He has a wide range of filmography. 

Putlocker loves his work and that is why we have made a list of movies that will make you fall in love with Johnny Depp. 

5 Best Movies of Johnny Depp

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Pirates of the Caribbean is the most known and famous movie by Johnny Depp. It was the movie that made him a sensation around the world. 

He is the iconic character of the series.

Pirates of the Caribbean, directed by Gore Verbinski, is a Disney fantasy movie series. The movie follows the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. 

The first part is about their meeting and John Sparrow saving Will’s love, the Governor’s daughter. 

The entire series has five parts. The sixth film will be arriving soon, but the reports are that they will not be casting Johnny Depp in the part and that is quite a disappointment.

It has a rating of 8 on IMDb 7.7, 4 on Common Sense Media, and 4.7 on Amazon.

The cast of Pirates of the Caribbean is unique. It features Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, Geoffrey Rush as Barbosa, Orlando Bloom as Will Turner, Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann, Jack Davenport as Norrington. Jonathan Price as Governor Weatherby, and Lee Arenberg as Pintel.

You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime

Chronological order of the series

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)
  1. Donnie Brasco

Life is tough for you when you are in the mafia, but in reality, you are an undercover FBI Agent. 

But what would happen if you start liking the mafia life more than the FBI agent’s life?

You need to watch this movie to know the answer. It is available on Netflix.

Donnie Brasco is a cult classic movie. The director of this movie is Mike Newell.  

Donnie Brasco has a rating of 7.7 on IMDb, 88% on Tomato Meter on Rotten Tomatoes, and 76% on Metacritic. 

It features Al Pacino as Lefty, Johnny Depp as Donnie, Michael Madsen as Sonny, Bruno Kirby as Nikky, James Russo as Paulie, and Anne Heche as Maggie

  1. Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland is a biographical drama starring Johnny Depp. You might remember a scene from this movie that is now a famous meme template. 

Anyway, this movie is more than just a meme. It is the story of J.M. Barrie’s friendship with a family. The friendship that inspired him to create Peter Pan

Finding Neverland is regarded as one of Depp’s finest works. 

The Director of this movie is Marc Foster.

Finding Neverland has a rating of 7.7 on IMDb 83 percent on Tomato Meter on Rotten Tomatoes and 4.8 on Amazon. 

The star cast of this movie is quite Stellar. It features Johnny Depp as James. Matthew Berry, Kate Winslet as Sylvia. Julie Christie as Mrs. Emma, Radha. Mitchell as Mary, Dustin Hoffman as Charles Frohman

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  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, directed by Tim Burton, is a musical fantasy movie starring Johnny Depp. 

The movie is an adaptation of a play. 

Charlie is a young boy with impoverished family background. He wins a ticket to enter the chocolate factory. 

The chocolate factory is a weird place led by the world’s most bizarre candy make and his Oompa Loompas.

The movie has received many awards and was nominated for an Oscar. If your kid hasn’t watched this movie, then there must be something wrong with your parenting. 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has a rating of 6.6 on IMDb, a Tomato Meter of 83 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and 4.1 on Vudu. 

It features Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka, Freddie Highmore as Charlie Bucket, David Kelly as Grandpa Joe, Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Bucket, Noah Taylor as Mr. Bucket, Missi Pyle as Mrs. Beauregarde, James Fox as Mr. Salt, and Deep Roy as Oompa Loompa

  1. Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

Sweeny Todd must be the reason why you were so afraid of a haircut in your childhood. 

The famous movie is adapted from the play of Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Sweeny Todd, directed by Tim Burton, is a music slasher movie starring Johnny Depp.

Benjamin is falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. In order to get his revenge, he opens a barbershop and murders his customers with a razor. 

The film is not made for the weak-hearted. 

It has won an Oscar award and received 34 other awards as well. 

Sweeney Todd. The Demon Barber of Fleet Street has a rating of 7.3 on IMDb, 86% on Tomato Meter on Rotten, Tomatoes, and 4.5 on Common Sense Media. 

It features Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd, Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Lovett, Alan Rickman as Judge Turpin, Timothy Spall as Beadle, Sacha Baron Cohen as Pirelli, and Jamie Campbell Bower as Anthony.

You can watch this movie on Amazon.

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