5 Best Korean Movies To Streaming In 2022

5 Best Korean Movies To Streaming In 2022
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Bad Guy (2001)

2001 / Drama / South Korea

The author of “Island” Kim Ki-duk after that quickly became the most fashionable director among cinephiles. They began to look for his early films and watch new ones, especially since they began to be shown little by little in elite cinemas and released on video. Among these works, it is especially worth highlighting “Bad Boy” – a shocking story about how a bully kidnapped a girl and handed her over to a brothel to watch her being humiliated. At the same time, we are talking about great love, just not the most ordinary.


2003 / Drama, Crime / Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland, UK, France, Norway, Italy

Lars von Trier saturates all his films with provocations, and each of his finals is a work of art. Everyone remembers the bells in “Breaking the Waves” and the terrible scene of the execution of the heroine Björk. But what he did in “Dogville” is so far the height of his mockery of the audience’s expectations. Therefore, the film itself remains his greatest work so far.


1960 / Thriller, Horror, Mystery / USA

Since we started with Hitchcock, we’ll end with him. Who would have thought that a story about a psychopath and his mother would lead to such an ending? Hitchcock did everything so that the viewer would not guess anything. What is worth only one false trail, when the heroine, declared as the main one, is killed at the beginning of the film. But no one expected such a denouement.

The Isle (2000)

2000 / Drama, Thriller

With this film, for the majority of Russian viewers, acquaintance with Korean cinema began. At first, the publications of the whole world (except Russia) wrote about the “Island”, because the film shocked the entire audience of the Venice Film Festival in 2000. Roger Ebert frightened his readers with the fact that they had never seen anything more nauseating and more beautiful in their lives. And in our country, after a modest release in the cinema, the film sold out on video cassettes, and people told each other about the scenes with fishhooks in a whisper, choking with delight.

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