4 Phenomenal Bollywood Motivational Movies

4 Phenomenal Bollywood Motivational Movies

When it comes to Motivation and slice-of-live genre, Bollywood is not behind. Bollywood is the home of some of the greatest motivational movies ever made. If you are an Indian then you must be familiar with these movies. Even if you are not an Indian, you can watch these movies with English Subtitles. 

4 Phenomenal Bollywood Motivational Movies

  • 3 Idiots

3 Idiots is a movie about three college students with their own aspirations and dreams but are bound by responsibilities and societal pressure. The first Idiot Farhan wants to become a Wildlife Photographer and the second idiot wants to support his poor family and get rid of his fears. Their life changes when the third idiot Ranchodas played by Aamir Khan teaches them how to live and become fearless. This movie is a great slice of life movie that will teach you the value of education and the benefits of being an Idiot. The soundtrack of this movie is also great.

  • Lakshya

Do you ever feel aimless? confused about life and want to identify your goal? then this movie is perfect for you. Karan is an aimless guy who does not have a clue what to do in life. This movie is about him finding his ultimate goal, his Lakshya. The transformation of Karan will also motivate you to take some positive steps towards your life. It is one of the best Army movies in Bollywood. Hrithik Roshan has perfectly portrayed the clueless character of Karan. The songs of this movie will give you chills.

  • Udaan

My favorite slice of life movie from Bollywood. Udaan is the story of a young boy, Rohan. Rohan is expelled from his school and will now have to work for his strict father and give up on his dreams. This movie is all about his fight against his father’s strict antics and pursuing the dream of becoming a poet. The soundtrack of this movie is excellent. The music of Amit Trivedi will give you chills. This is the most underrated movie of Bollywood. If you haven’t watched this movie then you are missing out on so much pure talent.

  • Swades

Swades is the Magnum opus of Shahrukh Khan. It is hard to believe that such a masterpiece can perform badly at the box office. People realized the value of this film now and have labeled this masterpiece a classic. It is my favorite SRK Movie. Mohan works in Nasa and returns to his village to meet his nanny, Kaveri. Swades is the story of how Mohan falls in love with his country. The background score of this music deserves applause. Watch this movie right now if you haven’t. 

You can watch all these motivating slice-of-life movies for free on Putlocker. These movies will motivate you and teach you some things. Tell us about your favorite Bollywood motivational movie in the comment box below.

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