12 films that will teach you to appreciate every moment of life

12 films that will teach you to appreciate every moment of life

Awakening, 1990

A powerful drama starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro, based on true events that took place in 1969-1970 with neurologist Oliver Sacks. “Awakening” introduces us to Dr. Sayer, who decides to use experimental drugs to “awaken” immobile victims of a rare disease. And one such method yields results–but not for long. After watching a movie like The Awakening, you’ll have only one wish to appreciate every moment of your life.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, 2004

What would happen if humanity had the ability to erase any memory? The eternal dream of a fresh start is certainly appealing. Who wouldn’t want to cross out sad events from their past in order to make a fresh start? Like the story of their love … But the truth is, we begin to appreciate what we have when we lose it. And then we regret it. We try to get it back, but it’s too late. The film is worth seeing also because of the wonderful acting by Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey, who appears here not in his usual dramatic role.

Click 2006

Have you ever wondered how you would use a magic wand that happened to fall into your hands? And a remote that can stop a moment or rewind your best memories? Isn’t it cool to feel all-powerful! So the main character, architect Michael Newman, appreciated all the charms of this wonderful tool. Until it broke. “Click” serves as a good reminder that you should never dwell on the positives or negatives, because life is beautiful as it is.

Flowers for Algernon

A television movie based on the book of the same name by Daniel Keyes, it is claimed to be a fantasy. However, anyone who has read the book can probably guess that the adaptation will not resemble other films in the genre. The plot is similar to that of The Awakening. Including its tragic ending.

Stranger Than Fiction, 2006

The movie is about Harold Crick, a tax inspector whose life is so boring and monotonous that he even counts the movements of his toothbrush while brushing his teeth. And so it goes until the main character begins to hear a voice in his head commenting on all his actions. Maybe it’s schizophrenia, or maybe he’s just a character in a book, and the voice in his head belongs to the author, who wants to end his story tragically?

Eat Pray Love, 2010

Few people in the hustle and bustle of life are able to stop one day and ask themselves the question, “Who am I really?” And Elizabeth Gilbert could, and she also wrote the book on which the movie is based. “Eat, Pray, Love” – this is a kind of film-parable about how to find balance in your life and learn to appreciate even such small joys as Italian pizza.

The Great Beauty, 2013

The protagonist of the film is Jep Gambardella, a talented and cynical writer, a regular at Bohemian hangouts with the Italian art elite. All his life he has been searching for great beauty, harmony, to express it on paper. He lived many years, but the only thing of value in his life was his youthful love for Elisa De Santis.  Upon learning of her death and how she loved him, Jep asks himself, “Have I wasted my life?” Critics and journalists named “The Great Beauty” one of the best films of 2013, and the filmmakers collected a number of awards for their work.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, 2013

Walter Mitty, an ordinary employee of an American magazine, is very much like Harold Crick from “Persona” in his way of life. Walter may have dreamed of vivid, exciting life twists and turns, but he was constantly afraid of getting bogged down in the thick of things.

Boyfriend from the future

Let’s fantasize some more! Imagine that you have the opportunity to go back to any point in your life and actually rewrite its scenario so many times until it’s perfect. At what point would you go back? What if you were told that you would then have a son instead of a blonde daughter? Or neither? Not so perfect anymore… The movie “Boyfriend from the Future”, the title of which in the original sounds much more euphonious – About Time – makes us appreciate life without regret that none of us have superpowers, because they do not make our existence beautiful, but only ourselves and the people dear to us.

Hector and the Search for Happiness 2014

Psychiatrist Hector, striving to help other people, suddenly realizes that he has to help himself. He gives up his boring job, leaves his girlfriend and even his favorite and seemingly only hobby – radio-controlled airplanes – to go in search of himself and travel the world. The film perfectly illustrates the fact that one should not forget one’s self, but should listen to oneself and others more often. And there is nothing selfish about striving to be happy, because who else but you, and when else but now?

The Fault in Our Stars, 2014

Although the film, like John Green’s book on which it is based, belongs to the young adults genre, it should not only be watched by teenagers. For the film’s characters, Hazel and Augustus, every minute of their lives is precious as they share the same disease: cancer. Of course, the subject matter brought up in the film is not at all new.

Youth, 2015

One of the Grand Prize nominees at Cannes tells the story of two old friends, the composer Fred and the Oscar-winning director Mick. The title of the film, which is essentially about old age, may seem like a mockery or an original move by the creators of the picture. Because, in fact, the main detail in this film is the eyes of old people, a little tired, a little sad, and if you look closely, filled with envy of the young faces around them, of their bodies, energy and years, because they still have all their life ahead. And although they are capricious and fussy, in reality they show young people that they need to be bolder in their actions, desires and communication, not to be afraid to make mistakes, so that they do not regret later years.

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