12 Films About Women

12 Films About Women

Desert Flower, 2009

The film tells the story of a top model Waris Dirie. But the movie is not about the first black model, it is about the first girl who openly opposed women empowerment in African countries. It seemed that someone from heaven who was supporting her, so that people in Africa (and not only) would have an easier life thanks to her’ activities. However, you will learn all this by watching the film.

Mother and child, 2009

This Movie is based on Female friendship. Three women with different characters, united only by the relationship between a mother and her child. Each woman is strong in her own way, but each has her own weakness. Viewers are constantly being asked the question: what is more important – the blood bond or the time spent together? And you can find the answer by yourself, it’s different for everyone.

The Young Victoria 2009

A woman of young age give speeches at parliament. A woman who believed in progress and make her own way. The film shows the first year of the young queen Victoria. this movie showed her strong willed character, pure heart, and good intentions. we will recommend you to watch these movie for once.

Pope Joan

So many mysteries of Vatican city will never solved, There are so many legends associated with them. This movie tells you the story of a woman pope she has a serious passion towards his work, She wants to prove herself.

Agora, 2009

civilization plays a important part in development but womens have no right to take part in it. But nothing is impossible for the bright mind and talent. This is a story of the great woman mathematician. This is not a tale of languor of the heart and not even the problem of gender inequality, although these topics are raised in the film. It is a story of the triumph of reason over fanaticism. Because even after the scholar’s death, his knowledge lives on in the minds of his followers.

The Blind Side 2009

One of the best films of 2009, winning Sandra Bullock her first Oscar. The plot of the film revolves primarily around Michael Oher, a professional American soccer player. we will tell you this movie is really worth watching.

English Vinglish, 2012

The movie’s heroine won’t save the world from evils, but she’s strong enough to improve herself. It’s never too late to learn, and there is no such thing as a bottom, there’s always room to fall further. The story of this woman is simple and ordinary, and the way out of the situation is quite interesting – just English courses. But this is the story of a woman with who want to improve herself. A positive fairy tale with a happy ending.

A Royal Affair, 2012.

Queens are seldom lucky in love, especially if the king is more interested in handsome young men than in his own wife. And he’s not too keen on running the country, either. So it’s worth to be patient, to get smart allies and to be happy. Unfortunately, life does not always favor all courageous and in love, but it is definitely worth the fight.

Gravity, 2013

Loneliness and emptiness. How not to lose your mind when you are in outer space? An incredible story of willpower, stamina and courage of one woman who finds herself in a desperate situation. Sandra Bullock’s magnificent performance keeps the viewer’s attention throughout the film, making them empathize and try the situation on themselves. Not every man would have the courage to survive in similar situation.

Clouds of Sils Maria, 2014.

Fading movie star Maria Enders gets an offer to play a successful, but naive, career woman who has fallen in love with her young secretary. It would be all right, except that once at the dawn of his career Maria played the role of the very fatal assistant. The new role begins to seriously damage the actress’s self-esteem. It will also be interesting to see what “Twilight” Kristen Stewart is capable of.

Still Alice, 2014

How scary for a linguistics professor to wake up one day and realize she’s forgetting words. Losing the names of loved ones and familiar names due to her rapidly progressing Alzheimer’s disease, Alice still remembers that she is a happy person. An amazing film that is definitely worth watching to remind yourself, once again, that every moment in life has value. This movie shows how to accept big changes in life.

Wild, 2014

Have you ever had the urge to drop everything and walk away? Just forward, on foot, wherever your eyes can see? Broken after her mother’s death and a difficult divorce, Reese Witherspoon’s heroine embarks on a walking journey to forget the past and be reborn like a phoenix from the ashes. And though her adventures will be far from fun and enjoyable, who will help her in her struggle to find her true self.

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