11. Powerful Movies About Life

11.Powerful movies about life

Miracles from Heaven, 2016

An inspiring drama based on Christy Beam’s memoir about her daughter. A 12-year-old girl suffering from an incurable digestive disorder miraculously survives a fall from a tree. But an even greater miracle is that she is healed after being hospitalized. The incredible, and importantly, true story could not go unnoticed. And Sony Pictures Entertainment immediately set out to adapt it.

Impossible, 2012

The idea of this movie came to the producers when he see Dr. Maria Belen Alvarez’s family interviewed about their experiences with the tsunami in 2004. Several thousand people were killed in Thailand during the disaster, and almost all the hotels on the coast were destroyed. Maria, her husband and three sons managed to escape. The actress for the role of the main character was chosen by Maria herself – it was Naomi Watts.

One Chance

You’re almost 40, you work in a cell phone store, you live in your parents’ attic and your figure is far from perfect? Life isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sing on the opera stage. The story of British singing tenor Paul Potts, winner of Britain's Got Talent, who probably didnt think at the time of his cell phone sales that he would soon be singing in front of the Queen, is proof of that. Dreams do come true! But, of course, to make them come true, you have to take at least one small step, click here to watch.

The Good Lie Official Trailer (2014)

The plot of the picture “The Good Lie Official Trailer (2014)” is based on the real story, which took place in the first half of the 1980s in Sudan. Back then, the country had a Lost Boys program to rescue and adapt Sudanese refugees and place them with American families. The story of many of these boys formed the basis of the drama “The Good Lie Official Trailer (2014),” starring Reese Witherspoon.

Memories of the future, 2014

Memories of the Future is a film adaptation of the memoirs of British writer Vera Brittain, one of the first female pacifists who opposed war in any form. The heroine of the screen lost his fiancé, brother and many friends in World War I, she become a volunteer nurse, left his studies at Oxford, in this movie you will see a strong women.

Eight Below (2006)

“White Captivity is a movie starring Paul Walker that tells a touching story of friendship between a man and a dog. The film is set in Antarctica where a powerful storm forced the station to evacuate, leaving eight sled dogs behind. The picture is based on a true story that happened to the Japanese expedition in February 1958. Then the scientists had to leave 15 dogs with a week’s supply of food. When a member of the expedition returned in 1959, he found two surviving dogs. These two dogs are considered national heroes in Japan and their bodies are preserved in Japanese universities.

Peaceful warrior, 2006.

Based on Dan Millman’s autobiographical book, this film tells the story of a talented but arrogant gymnast who wants to play in Olympics. A terrible accident nearly put an end to his career and his dream. In a way, “Peaceful Warrior” is a film parable. It teaches everyone something different, but the main thing is to understand what it teaches you.

The Blind Side 2009

One of the best films of 2009, winning Sandra Bullock her first Oscar (and maybe even Julia Roberts, the main contender for the role). In fact, the film’s plot revolves primarily around Michael Oher, a professional American soccer player. Oher was born into a dysfunctional family, he spent his childhood in one and other foster families. Until finally the couple Lianne and Sean Tuohy offered him to live with them. The story is like some kind of miracle: an ordinary black guy from a drug-addicted environment becomes an extraordinary man with an extraordinary destiny.

United. 2011

In 1958, the world was shocked by terrible news: members of the legendary Manchester United soccer team were killed in a plane crash in Germany. They were predicted a fantastic future, but the plane crash at Munich airport crossed the line. Director James Strong doesn’t document all the details of the disaster itself, but tells the story of how the great soccer club was reborn bit by bit. “United. Munich Tragedy” is not just a film about soccer, it is a film about a spirit that cannot be broken.

Moneyball 2011

The film tells the story of the general manager of a baseball team who does everything he can to break it through. After a series of losses and the departure of his strongest players, Billy Boone, which is the manager’s name, decides to create a competitive baseball team despite the odds. “Moneyball ” is a movie about not giving up, even if you lose first: “The man who breaks through the wall first always hits the most bumps.”

Concussion (2015 film)

This drama starring Will Smith is based on the true story of American immigrant Dr. Bennett Omelu, a brilliant forensic neurologist. The whole country was rocked by a series of bizarre deaths of professional athletes. Some of them lost consciousness while driving a car, others died right in the sports arena. And it was Dr. Bennett who immediately suspected something amiss and began investigating the causes, not only in the laboratories but also directly at the competition venues

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