11 Films To Watch On Repeat Every Weekend

11 Films To Watch On Repeat Every Weekend
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Johnny D

The USA, Japan, drama, crime, biography, 2009

The 1930s. The story of a violent confrontation between one of America’s most notorious gangsters, John Dillinger, and the forces of law and order represented by the FBI.

You Drive

USA, comedy, 2018

Every year for a month, five friends engage in a ruthlessly contrived version of the cat-and-mouse game. They’ve been playing it since first grade, risking their own necks, jobs, and relationships to overpower their opponent with the victorious cry, “You drive!”


France, drama, crime, 2015

A militant from the Tamil Tigers fled Sri Lanka after the end of the civil war. For the sake of asylum in France, he passes off a strange woman and a child as his family. The three fugitives settle on the outskirts of Paris and gradually become close.

Robin Hood: The Beginning

USA, action, thriller, adventure, 2018

Veteran crusader Lord Robin Locksley returns to his hometown of Nottingham and finds it mired in corruption. Robin joins a group of Merry Sherwood Outlaws and becomes a famous noble thief while continuing his social life to keep tabs on the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Get Married If You Can

Italy, France, drama, 2014

Despite her stellar life, Aria is very lonely: her parents are scandalously divorcing, her stepsisters have no interest in her, and her angry classmates are jealous and make her nervous. In the company of her beloved black cat, Aria sets out on a free voyage through the Italian streets.

The Invisible

UK, USA, thriller, detective, 2018

The daughter of a known war criminal is murdered while awaiting trial. The only witness is her blind neighbor.


Turkey, France, Germany, Qatar, drama, 2015

In a village in northern Turkey, five teenage sisters return from school, frolicking carefree with the boys. Conservative educators consider these innocent games inadmissible and take the girls’ upbringing seriously.

A Simple Request

Canada, USA, thriller, drama, comedy, crime, detective, 2018

Stephanie never thought that a person like Emily, a real socialite, would emerge in her life. One day her new friend disappears, leaving her whole life, including her husband and young son, to Stephanie…


Spain, comedy, 2011

Young Diego is dumped by his fiancée on the eve of his wedding. He comes up with a plan to hide the bride’s disappearance, show up at the church on the wedding day, gets drunk, reads a speech, falls in love all over again with his first girlfriend… and gets the bride back.

Lost In The Ice

Iceland, drama, adventure, 2018

The pilot of a plane that crashed in the Arctic manages to adapt to life in the icy wilderness while waiting for help. However, the rescuer caught in the storm doesn’t have the time he has.

A Love Story

France/UK, romantic comedy, 2002

A contemporary romantic comedy about a chance encounter in a Paris airport between a man and a woman. While all flights are delayed, the two opposites have to keep each other company.

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