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Dreamer (2005)

The film is based on a true story. Father and daughter are two lonely souls living under the same roof. Despite their deep affection, in reality, they are very far from understanding each other. But everything changes when little Cale asks her father to cure her beloved horse. This becomes the starting point for a new story of love and affection, a new life for a new family, and a true friendship.

The Big White (2005)

A friend indeed is a friend in need. The film teaches us how to treat animals and ourselves. A story of how you never forget somebody you’ve met in adversity, someone who has helped you through your tough times.

Charlotte’s Web (2006)

A magical family tale of a little girl’s grown-up act. About caring and love. A loving story that teaches you to take responsibility for your choices and to fight the odds once you make them.

The Fox and the Child 2007

A red-haired girl and a red-haired fox, unbelievably beautiful film. The film tells the story of two friends from completely different worlds. But friendship is when you want to share everything you have and learn as much as you can about your friend. A story about the fact that if you love, you shouldn’t aspire to possess.

We Bought a Zoo (2011)

What is this story about but kindness? A small bereaved family buys a zoo, thereby saving the animals. But as it turns out, the zoo also saves them. A heartwarming and kind film for the whole family.

Red Dog (2011)

A sincere and kind creature can touch even the callous heart. When a red-haired dog shows up, in a small town. everyone loves him. He binds everyone in the town together. Many find true friends, happiness, and hope. And some find true love.

Nicostratos the Pelican 2011

The film has two main storylines. One is about a pelican and the other about a father and his son. But the main message of the story is: you shouldn’t live in the past if someone needs you in the present. This kind and beautiful story about friendship and family will not leave you indifferent.

Dolphin Tale (2011)

If you can’t do what you want any more, you have to want something else. This story of a dolphin gives the massage that Life doesn’t end if something bad happens, and someone could be worse off than you. The main thing is to hope and strive for the best.

Big Miracle 2012

Everyone willing to stand up for what they believe in is capable of a miracle. Even if the world is against you. This story is an example for those who are ready to give up and stop fighting. A good-hearted family drama about brave people helping equally brave whales.

Belle & Sebastian (2013)

This film shows the friendship between a boy and a dog. But it’s one of those films that children should watch at an early age. It’s teaches responsibility, care, loyalty and, of course, kindness. A beautiful story set against the backdrop of Alpine scenery. Besides, there are no negative characters.

Paddington (2014)

A film about otherness. About how it’s great to be different. And what’s it like to be like everyone else? People (and bears) are very different, so you have to accept them for who they are. And that will be the basis for a great friendship.

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