11 Best Films Of 2015 You Can Watch In 2021 On Putlocker

11 Best Films Of 2015 You Can Watch In 2021 On Putlocker

Mad Max: Fury Road

The film came out completely different from the 1979 post-apocalyptic action film of the same name. It is not the story of a former policeman driven mad with grief and hatred. The new Max, played by Tom Hardy, is truly insane: he is haunted by visions and hallucinations from which the viewer learns about his past. But it’s the gorgeous Charlize Theron, who plays a strong woman in a patriarchal society of civilization’s decay, that gets almost all the attention.

The Lobster

A horror movie for singles. So, if you don’t have a date, you go to a creepy hotel where you have to get a lover in 45 days. If you fail to do so, you will become an animal banished to the woods. The gray skies of Ireland, the sullen architecture is a very appropriate atmosphere for a movie. Is it only true love that distinguishes man from animal? just watch this movie to know more.

The Walk

Do we have the right to judge other people’s dreams? After all, the passion with which some people go about fulfilling their dreams, their tenacity and faith are only admirable. Overcome fear, believe in yourself, do not be confused And, most importantly, coming to the final, do not relax. It’s the last step when it seems you’ve come all the way. Perhaps the film should not be taken as something literal, although it is based on real events.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode VII)

Perhaps the most anticipated movie of the year. Tickets for the premiere were sold out in very first moment, and the halls were filled with characters from the iconic saga. Whether the sequel was successful and worthy, whether it was worth all the expectations and efforts you can know everything by watching your self.

Fast and Furious 7

Speed, beautiful cars and, of course, dizzying stunts on the track. “And what haven’t we seen in the previous six movies?” – Viewers will ask. But the seventh film is definitely unusual. It differs from the entire franchise. it’s a farewell film. A farewell to friend, colleague, lover, brother, idol Paul Walker.

The Intern

A heartwarming story about age is just numbers. And there are no barriers and time means nothing to strong friendships, sincere love and any endeavor. Positive and, as far as it is possible for Hollywood comedies, a realistic plot. Great acting, you empathize with them from the very first frame, bright and high-quality visuals, a pleasant soundtrack. A very warm film, pleasant to watch in rainy November and snowy February.


A story about a choice: to protect yourself, your life, or to act on your conscience. Emily Blunt presents us with a new generation of female heroes without fear or reproach. Her image is very realistic. She has human fears, femininity and timidity. And now there is no way back, only to fight for his rights.


Movies like this. Strong actors, a classic boxer‘s fall to the bottom in the plot and his revival – a kind of classic twenty-first century sports drama. But sometimes they are exactly what we need. After all, we are human, and we are mortal. It is inherent in each of us to endure the pain, to fight for those who are dear to us. And it is just as important to find our vocation. After all, in fact, we are happy when we do what we love.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Despite the serious problem raised in the film, the makers managed to make it light and inspiring. It is a story about the importance of giving a helping hand. Listening to someone and being there for them is often more important than paying for medical treatment. This is not a romantic drama, but rather a tragicomedy about friendship and caring. Many would say that this is not the first film about teenagers’ struggles with terminal illnesses, but such stories are necessary, both to educate the younger generation and to keep the adults’ spirits up.

Irrational Man

Perhaps not Woody Allen’s best film, but definitely one of the best of the year. A pinch of philosophy, a few grams of romance and inimitable humor. What is the picture about? Perhaps the fact that we all are selfish. Sometimes even in love with people we love ourselves. Of course, it’s about the search for the meaning of life, about ethics and humanity.


2016 Oscar nominee for Best Film. An original and appealing film about the search for oneself in a profession, in love, or in time. Despite the fact that “Youth” is a picture about the relationship of generations with each other and among themselves, in it no one tries to impose their truth on anyone. Rather, these attitudes are aimed at understanding oneself through someone more experienced or, conversely, at trying to learn a fresh perspective.

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