10 Wonderful Films With Autumn Mood

10 Wonderful Films With Autumn Mood

For people in love with autumn

Stepmother, 1998

Isabel, the beloved woman of their divorced father, shows up in the lives of ten-year-old Anna and six-year-old Ben. She does her best to win the love of other people’s children. But Jackie, their birth mother, uses all her authority and influence to prevent this. When you want to watch something kind and light and at the same time very touching and sad, movies like “Stepmother” are perfect to watch. There is nothing superfluous and the autumn and the music perfectly support the atmosphere of the story.

The Last September, 1999

A classic British movie with great acting. Southern Ireland, 1920s, the age of the decline of British rule. On a lavish estate, aristocrats Richard Naylor and his wife Lady Mira are living out their century, and a rebellious spirit of liberation is in the air – a bloody battle against a special unit of the British army formed to suppress the IRA. It would seem that the two colliding worlds can have nothing in common, but love tears down all boundaries. A young lady of high society, the Naylors’ niece, and a simple British soldier have no barriers to the mad love that flares up in these September days.

October sky, 1999

A beautiful film about the hard life in a mining town, this will be a good emotional jolt for those who get melancholy in the fall. “October Sky” is based on the true story of Homer Hickam. After a Soviet satellite launch, the protagonist falls so in love with space that he sets himself the task of building his own rocket and launching it into space. Three friends and his schoolteacher begin to help him in this. But his father, a working-class miner, who sees his son only as a successor to his own hard labour, strongly resists his child’s wishes.

Sweet November, 2001

It’s hard to imagine a selection of fall movies without this romantic melodrama starring the Charlize Theron-Keanu Reeves duo. Nelson Moss is a typical workaholic who has devoted his life to a career in advertising. But one day he meets Sarah, a woman unlike anyone else in the world. She asks him to be her boyfriend for one month and in return Sarah promises to change his life completely. “Sweet November is a wonderful romantic film that teaches you to rejoice in every, even the smallest, moment of life.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring, 2003

“Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Spring ” by director Kim Ki-duk is a philosophical film with beautiful landscapes and autumn scenes. It is a parable about the eternal, about the flow of time, about the connection between nature and human life. As the title suggests, the story is about the cyclicality of life. The periods of spring, summer, autumn and winter recur time after time, they all come and go, bringing with them different life lessons. This is vividly and interestingly portrayed as a young monk growing up.

The Lake House, 2006

Want the formula for a good romantic melodrama? Here it is: Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, a house on the shores of a beautiful lake and a bit of wonderment. Dr Kate Forrester leaves her quaint lakeside house and moves away. On leaving, Kate leaves a letter in the letterbox for the new occupant of the house to receive. A talented architect, Alex Wyler, moves into the house. He writes a letter back to Kate. But from each other’s letters they find out that they live in completely different times.

Once , 2007.

Not a film, just a miracle made on a very modest budget. “Once Upon a Time” is a musical melodrama that won an Oscar for best song and then triumphantly adapted on Broadway. He is a street musician who lacks the confidence to perform his own songs. She is a young mother trying to find her place in this strange new town. Without her He would have continued singing in the street, unnoticed by anyone, without him She would not have fulfilled her dream. This picture gives you hope for the best, when at some point you’re suddenly stuck in the present without faith in the future, there’s bound to be someone to help you move on from the dead point.

In Bruges, 2008

Two assassins are sent to Bruges by the will of their boss Harry to escape the hype of their latest case, during which more victims than expected occurred. A great picture with a dash of cynicism, Europe and witty black humor. At the same time, the film touches on serious questions of morality, though it does so in a breezy and relaxed tone. Add to this an excellent cast and the beauty of an autumn city, and an enjoyable evening at the screen is guaranteed.

Late autumn, 2010.

Anna, a young Chinese woman who has spent seven years in prison for the murder of her husband, is given a three-day conditional release for her mother’s funeral. On the way home, she meets a gigolo with a Korean background who is a jealous husband. Set against the backdrop of rainy, foggy Seattle, this humble love story unfolds as two strangers become truly close.

Wish I Was Here

The film’s protagonist Aidan Bloom’s career isn’t going well, he himself is stuck at the age where boys are fans of superheroes, and his whole family – husband and two children – is supported by his wife Sarah. But at some point everything comes to an end, and that’s when Aidan is forced to face the truth and admit: maybe something needs to change. “I Wish I Was Here” is not just a “there’s that kid from “Clinique” movie, but a rather atmospheric personal and simple story about a father who, while teaching his children about life…learns himself.

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