10 Movies For The Whole Family To Enjoy the Weekend

10 Movies For The Whole Family To Enjoy the Weekend
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Alita: Battle Angel

USA, sci-fi action film, 2019

Dr. Ido discovers in a junkyard the remains of a cyborg girl. Generally, he looks suspiciously like one of the formidable fighting angels. Moreover, they were completely exterminated in the great war of the twenty-sixth century, 300 years ago.


UK, France, biographical drama, 2011

The story of Aung San Suu Kyi – the leader of the democratic movement in Burma. Although, the story of her love for her husband, the writer Michael Aeris.

Hidalgo: A Chase in the Desert

USA, Morocco, adventure film, 2004

1890. American Frank T. Although, Hopkins is to become the first foreigner in history to be allowed to ride in the “Sea of Fire” horse marathon. Moreover, Riding the hardy mustang Hidalgo, he is to ride three thousand miles across the Arabian Desert.

A Million Ways to Lose Your Head

USA, comedy western, 2014

Falling in love with a mysterious stranger also the plucky shepherd Albert will have to muster all his courage in his fist to fight her husband, a notorious bandit.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

USA, adventure drama, 1991

Robin, back from captivity, does not recognize his homeland. However, the throne has been seized by Prince John. Also, His father, loyal to King Richard the Lionheart, is murdered. Moreover, Robin vows to avenge his father’s death and restore Richard to the throne.

Only You

USA, romantic comedy, 1994

When she was a teenager, a gypsy woman predicted her soulmate. Since then, she knows for sure that her fiancé’s name will be Damon Bradley. Although, Except that he hasn’t been in her life for a long time.

Captain Hook

USA, adventure, family, 1991

Peter Pan is now an adult, now forty years old, with a different name, a family, and a serious job. However, the Captain, with a sharp steel hook instead of a hand, once again challenges his adversary.

The Imitator

USA, detective thriller, 1995

Although, A police officer and a maniacal psychology expert must join forces to stop a brutal killer. Generally, who is exactly replicating the crimes of famous serial killers?

K-9: A Dog’s Work

USA, comedy detective, 1989

to track down an elusive villain. Moreover, a special narcotics agent enlists the help of an incredibly intelligent police bloodhound.

The Negotiator

Germany, USA, suspense thriller, 1998

However, one of Chicago’s best negotiators suddenly becomes a suspect in the murder. Although, they are money laundering themselves. Realizing that he cannot trust anyone, the hero takes several of his colleagues’ hostages and demands that he be given a negotiator from another precinct.

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