10 Incredibly Beautiful Films on Putlocker

10 Incredibly Beautiful Films on Putlocker

Chocolat, 2000.

The way the chocolate is portrayed in this film could make anyone give up all dieting. It is winter and the tranquillity of a quiet French town is interrupted by the arrival of a young woman named Vianne. A little later, she opens an unusual chocolate shop, offering its visitors a new pleasure. And indeed, having been there once, people succumb again and again to her sweet allure. Just like the audience of the film, in fact.

Hero, 2002

China, Hong Kong
Unlike many other films, this one is not overloaded with special effects and the director’s work is subtler. In fact, the entire Hero is a series of vivid canvases, masterpieces of painting. The plot takes us back to the era of China’s fragmented principalities, to the era of myths and legends. But we shall not retell the whole story, look and admire.

Big fish, 2003

Another masterpiece by cinematic storyteller Tim Burton. Everything in Big Fish is imbued with magic, love and some extraordinary atmosphere. The life of the main character’s father is extraordinary. Every event in it, meeting a dream girl, working in a circus, buying a house or giving birth to a son is surrounded by fairy tale reality. Throughout his life, the hero tells unprecedented stories about his biography to everyone he trusts and loves. But there comes a time when it’s precisely these tales that cause the father and son to fall apart, who, having grown from a boy to a man, ceases to believe them.

King Kong, 2005

“It wasn’t the planes that killed him, it was the beauty that killed the beast”, are the final words of the film. The story of a beauty and a beast unfolding in an impenetrable and then concrete jungle can’t help but touch the heart of the viewer. King Kong won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects and Best Sound.

Memoirs of a Geisha, 2005

The story revolves around a little girl Chiyo, who is sold by her fisherman father to a geisha house at the age of 9. Although the movie is set in America, it feels like the real Japan. The cameramen have done a tremendous job of showing all the beauty. The wealth of colourful scenery, the ancient art of ‘tea houses’ and the equanimity of a brave Japanese girl with eyes of amazing colour make this film incredibly beautiful, and the gripping plot makes it a film to watch in the same breath.

Fountain, 2006

Hugh Jackman’s hero, Thomas Creo, searches for the Tree of Life, whose sap is said to grant eternal life in order to save his terminally ill wife Isabelle. A beautiful and atmospheric Darren Aronofsky love film with a beautiful soundtrack.

Pan’s Labyrinth, 2006

Guillermo Del Toro has made a very strong film about the horrors of war presented through the prism of a child’s perception, which adds a lot to the effect of watching it. The cruelty of the world that surrounds Ophelia conjures up spooky images in the fantasies of this sweet, impressionable girl who loves fairy tales. A bleak fantasy with a happy ending. but we know that happy endings are only possible in fairy tales, and often the opposite is true in life.


Once upon a time a little girl Alexandria and a Hollywood stunt man named Roy meet in a hospital in faraway Los Angeles. The girl fell out of a tree and broke her arm. The boy falls off a bridge and seriously injures his back. Their only entertainment becomes their story, their fictional world, their fairy tale. “Outlander” is a feast for the eyes.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button 2008

“The Oscars for set, special effects and best make-up confirm that visually the film is a sheer delight. Many have argued that the plot is too long, but the time span of the action is not an insignificant one. Supplement the fantastic story of a man who was born in his 80s and then started getting younger with a wonderful performance by Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt, and you get a little cinematic masterpiece.

Avatar, 2009

You have to agree that the planet Pandora in James Cameron’s film looks simply stunning. Although the movie runs almost two and a half hours, which many call a drawback, the whole time the picture is a joy to behold.

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