10 Great Family Movies To Watch On Putlocker

10 Great Family Movies To Watch On Putlocker

Comedy, Adventure, Drama, and Fantasy Stories.

Jumanji, 1995

“Jumanji” is 100 minutes of genuine pleasure that you don’t want to interrupt. Protagonist Alan Parish (Robin Williams), as a nine-year-old child, finds a strange object calling to himself with its drumming sounds at a construction site. Then, figuring out it’s a board game called Jumanji, he invites his acquaintance Sarah, a girl living next door, to play with him. But when he rolls the dice, neither Alan nor Sarah realise the repercussions later… Jumanji isn’t a bad way to get kids hooked on board games rather than mobile apps, by the way.


Matilda is a child who is undeniably gifted. This little girl has already read a lot of books, which her parents weren’t happy about because they didn’t really need anything except zombie TV. But the little girl would really like a good family, and therefore found solace in books and at school. Even if there was a nasty headmistress at school who hated children, she would have to deal with her somehow. After all, apart from genius, Matilda has another little secret….

Pay It Forward 2000

Imagine that you do someone a favour and ask that person to thank not you, but three other people, who in turn thank three others, and so on, spreading warmth and kindness around the world. How effective would an idea like this be? 11-year-old Trevor McKinney decided to put it to the test by starting his chain of kindness. Somewhere childishly naive, somewhere overly optimistic, but still an incredibly kind film with an ending that will make you think.

Pollyanna, 2003

This is the story of an 11 year old girl, Pollyanna, who, after the death of her parents, is forced to live at her grumpy aunt’s house. The game that her father taught her just before his death helps her to be optimistic about any situation, even the most unpleasant: she has to find the good in every situation. This perception of the world by Pollyanna initially frightens and angers those around her, but as time passes, their lives start to change for the better.

The Chorus, 2004

How do you approach small, neglected tomboys? You have to let them know that they are no worse than anyone else, that they can do something useful. And enjoyable, of course. Like making music, for example! After all, this is something that can interest, enthuse, unite them, make them feel that they are part of something important and therefore they are needed. Music will make them believe. Listen carefully and enjoy the amazing children’s voices.

August Rush, 2007

A movie like this makes you realize there’s a place for miracles in life and you can even make them yourself… Charming guitarist Louis and charming cellist Lila meet by chance, fall in love and spend a magical night in New York, but then part ways at the behest of Lila’s father. He also writes a renunciation of the child and tells his daughter that he has died. The boy, named Evan, ends up in an orphanage and 11 years later, following the call of his heart and music, he travels to New York to find his family. There Evan discovers his inimitable musical talent, meets a stranger everybody calls Warlock who gives him the pseudonym August Rush, enters a conservatory and never gives up hope that the parents, who are looking for their son, will hear and find him.

The Water Horse (2007)

Director Jay Russell has created a very interesting, fun and entertaining movie about the friendship between a young boy and the dinosaur he cares for. Alex’s childhood, fell during a very difficult and brutal time of war. Alex’s father has long since gone to the front, leaving Alex and his mother and little sister in a large estate on the shores of Loch Ness. The boy lives in anticipation of his father’s return and marks with a cross, each new day on the calendar. Having surreptitiously dragged a mysterious egg into his father’s barn, Alex has no idea that that very night, an unknown beast will hatch from the egg.

Trouble at Timpetill (2008)

In the small village of Timpelbach, something unexplainable is happening: all of the children have become naughty. The parents have a prior agreement to leave the town for a day or two and teach their children a lesson. Meanwhile, the village, which has become a separate “children’s” state, is split into two camps…

Nim’s Island, 2008

A bright, sunny and lighthearted film. A girl named Nim’s lives on a remote island with her father. Her friends are iguana Fred, sea lion Selkie, turtle Chika and a satellite dish for Internet access. And when her father unexpectedly disappears, she must use all her courage to track him down with the help of her old and new friends.

War of the Buttons (2011)

A film adaptation of the popular novel by Louis Pergot, the story of an eternal feud between two boys living in two neighboring villages. During their confrontations, they cut off the buttons of their opponents as this is the punishment most severely inflicted by the parents of the two villages. The film is about growing up, children’s cruelty and children’s compassion, nobility, courage and friendship.

You can watch all of these films for free on Putlocker.

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