10 Films About The True Spirit Of Christmas

10 Films About The True Spirit Of Christmas

Magic classic

Shop around the corner, 1940

The film resembles a beautiful Christmas card, so atmospheric, soulful and sentimental. The small store “Matyushek and Company” has a friendly and harmonious team. One of his employees, Alfred, has been corresponding for some time with a charming stranger, whose letters he literally fell in love with. And it so happened that a girl named Clara, who is also in absentia in love with his pen pal, gets a job in the store. We think further events do not need to describe.

Holiday Inn, 1942.

This is probably one of the few films that not only touches on Christmas, but also largely celebrates the New Year. Quite an intense plot, diluted with dance numbers, after all, this is a musical. And where there’s dancing in golden Hollywood, there’s the brilliant Fred Astaire!

The Man Who Came to Dinner, 1943.

There are times when Santa Claus puts not presents under the tree, but hardships and trials. But don’t despair, because we never know how it might turn out. An American motion picture in the best traditions of good old Hollywood with witty dialogues, funny situations, interesting and colorful characters, original plot, based on the play with the same title and a wonderful performance of the actors.

I’ll Be Seeing You

He and She is a story as old as time. Having met on the road on Christmas Eve, they could not part. But after the holidays, he has to go back to work, and she… She has a secret she can’t tell him. A sad story of love and hope for a Christmas miracle. But is there any place for magic in reality?

Meet me in St. Louis, 1944

A very unusual and beautiful musical for the whole family that tells the story of how difficult life is for a father of daughters in marriage. Beautiful music, bright pictures, charming Judy Garland, in general, the festive mood is guaranteed.

Christmas in Connecticut, 1945

A good old-fashioned situation comedy. There’s a he and a she, there’s a deception that can’t be solved and there’s a precedent for the mystery to be solved. Journalist Elizabeth Lane is one of the nation’s best-known recipe writers. In her articles, she describes herself as a hardworking farmer, a caring mother and an amazing cook. But in reality, she is an unmarried New Yorker who can’t even boil eggs. The owner of the magazine for which she works has invited the seafaring hero to celebrate Christmas on her farm. Miss Lane realizes that her career is coming to an end. So how do we make sure the truth doesn’t come out?

It’s a Wonderful Life, 1946

The drama It’s a Wonderful Life tells the story of a desperate man who, on Christmas night, is given an amazing opportunity to see his life from the outside and realize how valuable it is. A festive, sad, cheerful and lighthearted Christmas movie about how everyone deserves a miracle, you just have to take the opportunity and remember the lessons you’ve been taught.

Miracle on 34th Street, 1947

How important is it – are you really Santa Claus, or are you just an actor with a great impersonation? The main questions raised in the film are questions of faith and kindness. The viewer must decide for himself whether he believes Santa Claus. Kindness is everywhere, and not only on Christmas Eve. A magical story, naive in many ways, but who says naivete is a vice? “Miracle on 34th Street” is the kind of movie that just needs to be seen on the eve of the holidays, if the viewer lacks New Year’s spirit and faith in miracles. And yes, the 1994 remake isn’t bad either, but unlike the original, it doesn’t have three Oscars.

Bishop’s wife, 1947

The plot whirls us into a snow-covered town where everyone is trying to finish their business and celebrate the holiday with their families. And only one of them sacrifices rest and joy for work – Bishop Henry Brogham. That is until an angel named Dudley is sent in answer to his prayers. It is this angel who turns the life of the bishop’s family into a fairy tale, becomes their friend, and equals his wife and daughter, something the bishop himself did not do for a long time. The latter becomes jealous of Dudley, and he has no reason to be when the role of the charming hero from heaven is played by the lovely Cary Grant.

It Happened on 5th Avenue, 1947

Aloysius McKeever is a homeless vagabond who loves luxury, spending his winters in expensive mansions that are empty at this time of year. This time he has taken a fancy to billionaire Michael O’Connor’s Fifth Avenue home. One day, after meeting a homeless World War II veteran, Jim Bullock, he offers him “his” shelter. Soon they are joined by 18-year-old Trudy Smith, who has supposedly escaped from her despotic father. Of course, there’s no escaping romance, except that McKeever has no idea who Trudy is at all.

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